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Coldplay update

Ok, not the band! (As much as I love their music.)

We haven’t been hibernating here in Colvin-land. Not in the least. Hockey has been in full swing since September and with the outdoor rink being up since late December, we seem to never have any downtime. That’s ok I guess but sometimes I think I need a vacation. Giving the kids heck for the silliest things (like kids being kids ….) is a sure sign that a warm vacation should be ordered. But of course that isn’t in our future at this point. I will wait until my work life is figured out in the next two months.

Speaking of which, I have to announce that my divorce with my wife is now final.

Ok now that I got your attention …. I am talking about my business-divorce. Yes, that’s correct. After all these years, Barbie is now physically moved away from me into another lab on the campus. I won’t be able to visit her or anything until they settle every aspect of our company’s insolvency. Then perhaps, I will be able to get a visitor badge to a building I used to have free-reign. Oh well. Hopefully all of this is for the best but it is sad to see the company completely dissolve away. It’s not very fun to see a beautiful building reduced to faded outlines of pictures/paintings on the walls after they have been taken down so that they can pay more of the creditors. :-(

But I digress.

Yesterday was another busy day. We had hockey for two of the munchkins (C1 and C2) and then went outside as it was gorgeous out.

Here are some pictures from the phone.

Today we went to Winterlude and more specifically Jacques Cartier Park. Here is Carter munching down on his first ever Beavertail (After tons of complaining I might add … typical Carter.)

The boys had tons of fun on the ice slides as well. (and me as well!!)

Of course the snow sculptures were awesome as usual!!

Gotta run but expect more.

Happy Family Day (where applicable!)

– Scott

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Boy Talk

First off let me say Happy Birthday to my Big Bro Craig. I won’t say how old he is but let’s just say he is over 20.

Hope you had an awesome day! (Cheque is in the mail.)

I just wanted to send out a quick post about the boys. All is well except for Carson being bitten in the eye this week. Yes the eye!! Can you believe that? He apparently wouldn’t give up a toy at daycare and when he walked away the other child went to get the toy. Carson went in to the turtle position (a Colvin tradition honed by years of running away from a fight.) and the kid bit him on the eye. It was a nasty bite. I am talking about 1/4 of his eye circumference was red/black. Nasty!! Nasty! I will try and get a picture of it for the police forensic files. ;-)

Hockey is quite the king here in Colvin-land. Here are some shots of Carson now getting in the action (he is mis-labelled as he is using Carter’s old helmet). What a bunch of dudes!

This is a shot of Connor putting on one of the neighbour’s pads. He really enjoys playing goalie for sure.

King Connor in net! Hamming it up for the camera.

Carter loves hockey. This is a really nice shot of him passing it out front.

Carson is amazing looking even with the hockey mark on his nose. (he fell down the stairs at the hockey rink on Mom’s watch I might add!!) ;-)

Ok, so I come upstairs looking for Carson and I find him up in the boy’s bedroom with the santa hat on. He is of course armed with a bat of some type. He is so dang cute!!

Better run. I will send out a separate email to family for more picassa pictures.


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Happy Easter!

Hi everyone. We had a great Easter weekend with both of us taking Friday and Monday off (Barbie worked the morning on Monday however). We spent Monday afternoon at the museum  which was fun as we hadn’t been there in a long time. Carson had a blast at the museum as in fact it was the first time him being there since being mobile. Big moment!!

Here is a picture from Easter Sunday when the boys went to look for easter eggs and chocolate. They did pretty good considering I did my best to hide them. Carter was trying to understand how the chocolate eggs got on top of the light fixture and Connor quickly told him that bunny rabbit’s jump … duh! You can see Carson getting right into it as well. He went everywhere the boys went of course.

Carter’s easter haul!

Shot of the boys with their Easter loot.

Mommy needed to do a paternity check so in this family that requires a check on whether the person in question likes chocolate. Carson passed with flying colours.

Suddenly a hockey game broke out. Carson looks on with his Canada jersey while Carter makes a save.

And … Grammy and Grampy’s Easter package arrived on Monday so Mom you can tell the post office worked when it arrived. They loved the wind-up easter rabbits (Especially during dinner … thanks!! [just joking]) and the new Scaredy Squirrel book is a hit!!

So after all this Easter crazyness, Connor decided to make some easter eggs on Monday night. Why stop the creativity?

Carter quickly joined in of course to ensure a complete mess is made.


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Happy Birthday Barbie!!

Happy Birthday Barbie!!!!

I hope you had a good day. It started pretty rough I know. Getting up every two hours or so to deal with Carter sucks but that is what we signed up for. :-) Three kids!! What were we thinking.

Anyway, we got an awesome picture of the boys with you on your big day. That makes it worthwhile doesn’t it?

Birthday Girl with the Boys!


And notice I didn’t verbally say how old you are? I will let the picture do the talking. ;-)


Quick update on everyone else.

Connor won the coveted hard hat from his hockey team (stolen from the Flames in the NHL). He had an awesome game and was easily the winner of the hard hat after the game. You can really tell he was truly proud of himself. Notice how he signed his name in red on the helmet. “#94 Connor”. Very cool.

Best Passer Hard Hat!!

How is Carson? Ah, damn cute. Nothing else to add.

Carson having fun

Oh wait, he isn’t cute when he throws things. Look at the face he is giving me. And yes, I am saying “Carson, don’t throw please. Don’t throw.” He continues with the look and then proceeds to throw whatever he has in his hand. In this case Connor’s Webkinz.

Carson having fun

Today he started to wear Carter’s Spiderman shoes. Obviously too big but he didn’t care. He stomped around the kitchen and the lower floors as it made a cool slapping noise. Carson rocks. He is quite the character!

Carson filling the big shoes

Carson filling the big shoes

Better go to bed … cya!

A Fafard moment

We went to the National Art Gallery today with Grammy to see the Fafard exhibit that opened yesterday. The boys were surprisingly good considering all of the ogres (sorry … I meant to say security guards) patrolling around like we were criminals. I quickly remembered why we haven’t gone to an art gallery in 4-5 years. :-(

Here is a shot of the boys as we entered the Gallery. The spider is outside and is on loan from some far-flung country if memory serves me correctly.

Boys outside the Art Gallery

Obligatory shot of the Fafard poster on the outside of the Gallery. Oh if you haven’t noticed we got smoked last night with another 25+ cms of snow. It’s beautiful out!!

Fafard Poster

Carson had a blast inside the gallery. The walk up to the permanent exhibits and the Fafard room is quite cool. This shot is taken from the ‘slope’ you see in the previous picture (right under the posters).

Carson walking up a storm!

No pictures allowed inside the exhibit unfortunately. (Reason #10 why I hate art museums. Heaven forbid we share things with the rest of the world.) Either way we were allowed by the local Stormtrooper-guard that a picture of the horse was ok.

Carson, Grammy and Mom outside the Fafard exhibit

After a pretty successful trip through the exhibit it was time to leave. Carson led the way back down the stairs!!
Go Carson Go!!

Talk to you soon.