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Aug 1, 2005 - Miscellaneous    Comments Off

Weekend Update

Just a quick update on our last weekend before work starts. We didn’t do too much … pretty much just hung around the house and did some last-minute chores. Connor seems to be a little bit under the weather it seems as he has been really tired in the morning and cranky in the afternoon. As a sign of that he broke down crying yesterday after his tower of blocks fell to the ground … he didn’t stop crying for over 5 minutes. That is definitely not like him.

Yesterday also brought some new toys to the family. You know stuff we don’t need at all. Like a laptop! Yes I finally broke down and bought one as the deal at FutureShlop was too good of a deal. It is a Toshiba MX40 laptop. Celeron M processor (cousin of the Centrino M processor) @ 1.5GHz. It was down to $899 which is an amazing deal. The 1.5 Celeron M is about equivalent to approx 2.8 Ghz P4 processor so it really smokes. (might be higher actually) Barbie was tired of me always wanting one and this deal was too good to pass on. The only unfortunate thing is that they ran out of them in Ottawa (every store was sold out) so it is coming by mail next week. I can’t wait!!! Soon I can be somewhere else in the house typing in messages!! :-)

Anyway … totally dreading going back to work tomorrow. It’s inevitable. Maybe one day my lottery ship will come in!! That would be nice.

Jul 27, 2005 - Miscellaneous    Comments Off

Sleepy Heads

Well since we have been back the boys seem to be on schedule for sleeping. In Newfoundland they were going to bed really late (like quarter to 11 late for Carter) and then getting up at 5:30 in the morning! Crazy stuff but I think they were really excited being on their trip to the Rock.

Now that we are back home they have both gone to bed at regular times (around 8:30) for the last two days which has caused us to actually have time together! Wow how novel!

Of course as I write this Connor has just got up from his bed and scared the living daylights out of me! (He is really quiet.) :-) I think he misses his Mom tonight as she is out at another class for her Creative Memories consulting. Hopefully he will stay asleep for the night.

Better get to bed.

Jul 13, 2005 - Miscellaneous    No Comments


Well we finally had a storm today that actually caused a power outage (albeit a quick one) and shook the house! Ottawa is famous for storm warnings being issued and then this so-called storm comes through and rains for about 10 minutes and then disappears.

Well … this one is still going on which is tres bizarre! It’s been over 2 hours now! Mother Nature must be confused and thinks it’s in a different city or something. ;-)

I didn’t really care until my Xbox Baseball game got zapped by a quick power outage … I was winning too! Sigh …

Jul 9, 2005 - Miscellaneous    Comments Off

Welcome to the new!

Well we hope we have found the solution to using our web space. I have taken us down the path of blogging and I think this may just be what we are looking for in terms of telling the family what we are up to!

I installed the WordPress blog software on the web server and within 5 minutes it was setup. It was really easy and sure enough works! Of course (as Barbie can attest) I wanted more and as such it took me over a week to like a theme!

Anyway, I will be broadcasting this to everybody to have a look so if you are interested let me know and I will make you an author! I will only allow comments from registered users in order to prevent comment spam.