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Jan 6, 2008 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Happy New Year. 2008 brings C2 to skating life!

Happy 2008 everyone! We survived our Christmas break and as I write this I am on the verge of getting back into the swing of things for this year. We are either going back to work or school depending on who you ask. Connor mentioned today that he was planning on being sick tomorrow as school shouldn’t start on Monday’s! (I like this kid’s attitude!!) He quickly said that he would be fine for Tuesday however. :-)

I need to go to sleep or else tomorrow will be a nightmare for me. So with that in mind here are some of the major events from yesterday.

Carter now wants to skate!! yay. He has been very resistant about it starting last year during his lessons for some reason. However, with a little bribing (salt and vinegar chips … his favourite) he went with his Mom to Dovercourt and had a blast. It made me very happy as I know he is an amazing athlete. Here is a video of him skating around Dovercourt today when he went with me. We went in the morning before the rink got too bad with this super warm weather that we are to have this week.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="326" wmode="transparent" /]

I will send the family more videos of him jetting around the rink tomorrow. A momentous day for us as we were anxious on when he would start to skate. (As any red-blooded Canadian would be anxious …. yes we are hockey-mad here in Canada.)

Updates on others in the family? Connor is doing fine and has been great over the holiday. He is super excited about his Grammy and Grampy coming next week! His hockey game today was really cool as he skated really hard and got a goal on a true one-timer when he called for the puck right in front of the net. He said he put it top shelf but in fact it was the bottom of the net. Still an awesome goal.

Ok C3 … hmmm. Well sort of battling a cold lately. Runny nose, etc, etc. Not too miserable but enough to confirm that we won’t have another baby. ;-) He is now a power-walker. Ready to attack malls when he is 80 years old. Here is a hilarious video of him walking with a broom he found and then tries to put on Connor’s jersey.

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More pictures tomorrow. Got to get to bed.

Dec 18, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

More Blizzard Pictures

Well we pretty much are dug out here. Just some small spots to do in the backyard. Actually … check that. I am creating a massive hill of snow in the back for a huge Snow Fort. We will see how that goes as it needs to compact some more.

Anyway, on Monday I took some daytime pictures around our house and I thought I would share them with you. The final count in centimetres for snowfall was 37!! Amazing. We broke the single day record and the record for December. (I think we are at 150cms now for the season.) Very old school snow fall … I love it!!

Here is a shot from the front steps looking across the street. See how far it is up the tree trunk. Some where in the corner is our two rose trees with Xmas lights. Not any more!

Shot towards Barry’s lawn. Look how high up the parking sign it gets to!

Hmm … we officially can not look out the guest bedroom window. Perhaps it will just melt … in the Spring! :-)

Some pictures of the street looking North. Snow as far as the eye can see.

And a shot looking South towards Dovercourt.

A ground level view from our sidewalk towards the tree. Very huge snow pile don’t you think?

More snow on the way apparently (3 cms or so) …. I have no idea where to put it. Seriously.

Dec 17, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

A blizzard!! A blizzard!! Finally!!!

Well we got hit once again here in Ottawa with a really good winter storm. Finally after living here for 14 years (Gasp … has it really been that long??) a storm finally materialized. Usually they just skirt Ottawa and go south of us but not this time. I am not sure at this point how much we got but it must be close to 30cm. That plus the stuff we got a couple of weeks ago has really caused a pile-up on our front lawn as you can see. Quite cool! I spent most of my time outdoors today in the storm with the boys. We had already built a fort in the corner of the lot so that was worked on a little bit more today. Check out how high up the tree the snow pile is! 

Holy Blizzard Batman

You can get a better feel of the depth of the snow on the Mazda.  

Another perspective of how high the snow is. Literally to the roof of the Mazda. Barry and Diane’s snow pile obscurs the view of the neighbour’s car completely looking south. Cool stuff!

We went around back and took some pictures of the hedges. You can see how they have been pushed down with all of this recent snow. We were worried it would damage the hedges so began to smack off the snow in order to alleviate the weight of the snow. Note how you can barely pass through towards the fence and the hedges due to the sagging.

Pretty thick snow huh?

Shot from the gate on the side of the house towards the hedge. I would say that is a metre of snow probably.

The peak of the snow storm today. See how the snow drifts are obscuring the guest bedroom window. It’s hard to see but my hand is parallel to my shoulders to show how high the snow pile is by the front of the house.

Carter was a great helper today. Here he is working on the front fort on the lawn.

Now let’s go back inside for some shots of Carson hamming it up. He has really enjoyed the Xmas spirit and has been known to don the hat that made the elves famous!!

Poppy and Nanny came over yesterday to make cookies and Carson of course wanted to show off his 4-5 step routine of walking. He almost has the hang of it. When you are this cute though people frankly don’t mind.

Walking around

Easy does it

 Having fun walking!

Ok … better run and rest up for some more shoveling tomorrow. We were expected to get another 5-10 cm’s overnight so who knows what we will wake up to tomorrow.

Nov 23, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Late night musings

Hi everyone. Life is crazy right now. The boys have been going through an endless amount of sick days over the last 2-3 weeks. Carson has been sick and also battled an ear infection in both ears. The last week or so he has been fine thank goodness. He still is a bit whiney when it comes to us walking away from me but that could be his age as well.

Carter of course has been non-stop as well. He has been sick as well with a cold etc but most importantly took a stick to his face which caused some serious damage to his teeth. A couple of trips to the dentist confirmed that most of his teeth are ok but unfortunately it looks like he will lose two of his front teeth. They are going grey again (the dentist polished them up) so things don’t look rosy. Carter has been a real good trooper about this but I shudder to think what he will be like when those teeth disappear. (think the worst and then triple it with him.) The last couple of days he also has been complaining about his stomach. We finally got worried enough about it and went to a clinic today. Well … the diagnosis is Carterosisis. Yup … definitely a case that may take years to get rid of. ;-) (i.e. nothing wrong with him) A phase perhaps?

Connor? Well the big guy has been really busy with hockey etc and swimming during the week. (He passed his swimming class this week … he is really an excellent swimmer for his age.) Today however things caught up with him and he passed out on the couch while watching Atomic Betty which never happens. (wicked show by the way) Hopefully he is ok. Tomorrow is a big day for him. He is playing on the Scotiabank Place ice before the Senators game. They play for a full hour on the ice before the puck drops for the NHL game and then we will watch the game afterwards. He is pumped!! So am I … they are supposed to meet one of the Senators as well and get to keep their Senators practice jerseys. Should be cool. I will post pictures tomorrow with more details on our day.

So pictures? Sure why not?

Shot of the boys at the aviation museum at one of the displays for lift. (a ball suspended on top of a blowing pipe of air.)

The boys at the aviation museum

Cutey Carter getting a hair dryer experience. :-)
The boys at the aviation museum

Some dude named Carson … he is out in the front room playing. We moved our furniture out front and made that room our play room. Works out great and the boys are watching less TV which is a good thing.

Playing at our house

Carter being silly in the front room. His teeth don’t look too bad in this shot but trust me they are suffering.  Oh well … parents out there make sure kids where their helmets at all time when playing hockey!!

Playing at our house

Take it easy everyone.

Aug 20, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

We have a new cat in the household

Ok … ok … I will come clean he isn’t exactly a cat but Carson came close tonight. I was working on the computer downstairs and had Carson ‘blocked’ in so he could just crawl around and not go up the stairs. I was being a good parent and had checked the downstairs for anything he could swallow etc. I had checked in on him every 4 minutes or so and he was playing with cars. His chatting then started to echo and seemed a very large distance away from me!! Weird. I got up and checked the stairs but it was still blocked (by the stuffed animal). Hmm … I looked around and still couldn’t see him anywhere but boy could I ever hear him now as he was really crying now.

So that is when I looked in the cat door and ‘lo and behold there he was!!

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