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Aug 15, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Happy Fourth Birthday Crazy Carter!!

Well, Carter is now 4 years old today and it’s both good and bad. Good that he is the wonderful kid that he is with always a smile on his face but bad in the sense that the little guy is growing up!! (insert sucky parent sounds here.)

Barbie and I were talking about this the other day that we have always taken for granted that Carter has been around forever. He gets jipped out of the normal things that the middle children do in life but he doesn’t care. The world is his canvas and he keeps plodding along laughing along the way. You can’t ask for a better kid then Carter. If you have ever met Carter, you will know what I am talking about.

Enough sniffly comments from Captain Sucky-Parent (me). I will update the post with some pictures on his birthday but if you have some time wish the little man a Happy Birthday on this great day. (and hopefully the lights across the Atlantic Seaboard won’t go out again as it did the day he was born!)

Jun 18, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Long time no chat

Wow! What can I say? It’s been a while since I went on the website for some much needed updates. I currently don’t like this theme very much so you can bet I will change it over the next week or so. Why have I been delinquent with updating posts for this website? Hmm … let’s start with the following slivers of reality:

1. Work. I have been working way too much. Nuff said. (I have always promised I wouldn’t discuss my company or the current state of affairs on this website. Too many prying eyes.)

2. Kids, kids, kids. The boys have been non-stop between t-ball and soccer during the week that I have been exhausted everytime I even think of going near a computer. They are having boat loads of fun but it is very draining for Barbie and I. Thankfully this week is the last of the hell-weeks because t-ball finally ends this week so we only have two bouts of soccer each week between Carter and Connor.

3. Building a tree house for the boys. Now that was not too much time but we had to burn a couple of days thinking and then getting the tree house to the back of the house. It involved several neighbours, a rental truck, and getting a great deal on the tree house. (We got the tree house structure from Home Depot after they offered to sell their display model out front for $100!! Sweet deal to say the least.)

4. Parties, parties, parties! Between my Dad’s birthday and Connor’s friends, we have been out and about quite a bit.

Ok, so back to family updates. Here are some pictures of the boys in various scenarios over the last couple of weeks. These times are fun but hectic.

Here is Carson on his favourite musical toy. What a handsome little devil! I wonder where he got those looks from?

Carson on the Piano!

If you have been following the news, Ottawa has had some seriously hot days. Murder in fact. Well, the boys have decided to make some money on this ordeal and what better way to rake in some cash then having a Kool-Aid stand. One problem they encountered was that the product was constantly being tested by them. Note Carter taking a cut of the profits. :-)

They made over $8 that day. A Purolator driver stopped and gave them $2 for a glass (sweet deal) and the neighbours also popped over for a drink.

Boys selling Kool-Aid

Of course being handsome and offering some drinks attracts girls. Here are the boys making a deal with some girls that were walking back from school. Score!!

Girls! Girls! Girls!

The boys have had some fun play dates recently. Most involved someone’s pool and there have been casualties. Here is Carson by the pool completely zonked.

Carson crashed at his playdate

Of course there is Carter! Never tired and wired on cupcakes, sun and the pool in that order. He is one of a kind for sure. We love him!!

Crazy Carter by the pool

Last shot … Carson playing with one of the neighbour’s girls. Already attracting the women like the other Colvin boys. Way to go Carson!!

Carter and his girlfriend

I better hit the hay. Nice chatting with ya and I will continue with the updates for my adoring public.


Apr 28, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Construction Announcement

Well after much waiting ….

The robin has decided to build her nest again on our fence ledge by the door. Pretty fun watching her build it today in the rain. I would say she did over 25-35% of the nest today as it is already woven into a small saucer sized nest in less then 12 hours. Pretty cool.

Pictures to follow.

Apr 24, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Happy Birthday Alana!!

Happy birthday sis!! I hope you have a great day on your birthday. Here you are in much earlier times …. love ya!!

Baby Sister!

I thought of this one because it’s cute. Who wouldn’t love that doll?

Speaking of cute kids … I read to the boys tonight and they were allowed to stay up a little bit late as the fish tank (Barbie’s domain as per our agreement) coughed up a fur ball and stopped working. So I got on the phone (1-800-Wife-Help) and was guided through the disgusting surgery of the filter required to get things working. The only reason I did this was I couldn’t bear to explain to the boys on why the fish were floating on top of the water. :-)

Ok … so tired boys. Cranky about wanting a story read to them. (Barbie .. you know the drill.) I finally relent and start reading to them on the top bunk and get to the end of the story and I can feel Carter twitching beside me which means he is asleep. I turn around (as I am on my stomach reading) and here is what I see.

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Apr 23, 2007 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Connor has finally lost it ….

His tooth that is!!! Yes a big momentous occasion in his life and his Mommy wasn’t here to see it. Not her fault as she has taken my precious Carson out to the island for a little while. <sniff> Amazing how one can miss the little guy so much!┬áTo keep me going here is a recent shot of him before he went on the big airplane.

Cutey PaTooty

Back to Connor. We went to the Lynx game on Saturday and the boys had a blast. The weather was really good and the boys were in good spirits. (thank goodness) Anyway, during the course of the game Connor’s tooth really looked loose (almost horizontal at times it seemed with blood oozing.). I told him that any week now that it was going to fall out. Well after trying sunflower seeds for the first time and munching on popcorn I noticed that he now had a gap in his teeth. It fell out!! Now where did the little rascal go? It could be anywhere. So I thought I would take a chance and look around our seats and sure enough it was there. Despite my best attempts at losing it (I lost it on the floor of a 7-11 store.) it safely made it to under his pillow (with the special tooth fairy pillow Grammy and Grampy provided) tonight. Rumour has it that $2 will show up! Cool beans.

Without further ado … here is the new Connor …

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