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Hockey and Garbage DO Mix!

As stated earlier, Connor started his hockey life last weekend. Here are some bonus pictures for those on the web (not sent out by email to friends/family). See there are benefits to staying in touch through this web site!

Here I am getting Connor dressed for hockey for what will be a long career I am sure for both of us. (Connor playing hockey and me getting up and taking him to hockey! ;-) )

Dad getting Connor dressed.


How can you have a post without Carter? Here he is watching the action. Green is the colour Rider Fans!!

Connor getting in on the action. Notice how big he is. He probably is eyeing that Habs player no doubt. ;-)

More breathless action!!

Connor at the end of the session. Needless to say he was beat! 45 minutes on the ice for a little guy will wipe you out.

Now what does garbage have to do with this post? Well, last week (almost a week to the day) I had put the garbage out on the curb as I always do. About 1 hour later I was walking by the front of the house and there was a round table with the top removed and the base lying beside it on my front lawn. The table was neatly stacked beside my recycling bins and the garbage pails. I went outside and looked around and saw that all of my neighbours had their garbage out so that ruled out one of them being away and thinking they could simply leave it on my lawn for pickup. (no big deal) I thought it was weird that someone not on the block would dump garbage on my lawn. As I was walking back my eye then caught the front lawn of my neighbours house about 3 doors down. Hmmm, weird …. someone has put two bucket seats from a car on their front lawn! Oh well … I guess the Quebec contingent instead of raiding our garbage piles (which they do each week and then sell in garage sales) decided to PUT garbage on our lawns.

So, I go back downstairs. 1 hour later Barbie beckons me. “There are people outside filming our garbage!!” What????

I went outside and sure enough there was a guy with a steadicam filming our garbage while a pickup truck is filming as well. 3-4 other guys are in a mini-van. Well, I don’t care if it’s James Cameron I need to talk to these folks! I stepped out on to the driveway and talked to the guy. It turns out that they are filming for next years episodes of Junk Brothers on HGTV. Wild huh? It all made sense now. He told me they had taken the garbage from a couple of blocks away and wanted shots on our street for various reasons. (the chairs and the tables I had noticed)

I don’t watch the show but I will starting next year when the new season starts. Our house may be shown (not the number for sure) but probably not. If you are a fan of the show … well I think it is a wee bit staged to say the least. Obviously when it isn’t asthetically pleasing enough to the director’s eyes they will move garbage to another pile to make things interesting. Would it bother me that the whole thing is staged? Maybe a little but ever since I found out wrestling was staged nothing surprises me anymore! :-)


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  • Weird man…I just saw Junk Brothers for the first time this weekend. They travel around the neighbourhood at night…find garbage…turn it into some useless thing and then drop it back at the persons house. The show was kind of lame, but I’m definitely going to watch now :)

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