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Crazy Household

Our house is slowly going insane. Kids talking back to us one moment (or several to be truthful) and then the next moment they are so darn cute you want to ship them immediately to the grandparents to share in our fun. But let’s get back to the insane part. The leader of the family in this area is Carter. Yes, no surprise to those that know him but he is slowly getting more fun, err, I mean insane. :-) Par example, take this photo:

Crazy Man Carter on the couch!

Not too bad I know but here is my attempt tonight to calm them down and get ready for bed. Carter decides that it is Ninja Turtle time and gets his brother involved. The rest is photographed by yours truly as it was indeed a sight to see. :-)

Ninja Boys!

Ninja Boys!

Ok. I admit they are pretty cool. Check out how you can see their eyes through the mask!! Pretty hilarious. I had to disarm the Turtles a bit after these shots were taken as they were really getting amped up as the ‘fight’ ensued. Thank goodness for Goldfish …

So where is Carson in all this? Well he unfortunately is absorbing all of this madness around him. In general he is so easy going but deep down I fear that the boys are wearing off on him. ;-) Carter is his best bud (although he doesn’t have a choice in most pictures as you will see) and is constantly giving him hugs and kisses. We actually think that Carson has scratches on the back of his neck because of Carter grabbing him by two hands and giving him a big sloppy kiss and hug. (This was confirmed by Carter’s long nails that required cutting.)

Carter is Nuts!!

Carter and Carson!

You can see though that Carter adores Carson! Fun to watch to say the least.

The boys had a dentist appointment today and things went well for Connor. He had a perfect checkup and the dentist confirmed he had a loose lower tooth and soon will be visited by the Tooth Fairy in the summer. That should be fun but I need to know the going rate of the visits of this magical creature’s visit. With inflation I am sure it is quite high.

Carter did really well for his first official visit to the dentist. He sat fairly still and had a couple teeth cleaned by the dentist. The dentist did confirm though that he has decay in his front tooth and that on his next visit it will be ‘cleaned up’ as he put it. Hopefully that doesn’t involve needle’s for the dentist’s sake. ;-)

Carson is still growing like a weed and now looks like he is over a year old now. (ok just joking … but in height and weight he does seem that big!) Here are some shots of him being very cute. Mom and Dad … as a special treat I will send you the DVD full of pictures when Steve comes out later this week and he can ensure you get all of the ‘other’ unpublished shots you wanted.

Again I will leave you with some pictures of Carson. Good night everyone!



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  • I don’t know if this is the going rate….but Harly and Jenna both get $5 (Harly got $20 for one tooth because it was a big old ugly rotten one and everyone was glad to see it go…ha ha).
    Scott…you’re right by the way, that one picture of Carter and Carson…Carter totally looks like Connor in that one :)

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