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Life is insane – Who knew?

Life is going really fast lately. Work has been hectic and we are getting ready for the next phase in life as Barbie returns to work on October 1. The boys are slowly getting into the swing of school with Carson soon to go to a care provider (while we slug it out at work.). Prayers are said every day to the lottery-god but so far no response to this plea.

Connor had a rough couple of days for the first week of school but I am happy to tell everyone that he is now having a great time at school and understands the playground rules a lot better. Carter loves school and so far hasn’t caused any fire alarms or other major events in his classroom which is a good sign.

The big little guy Carson is as lovable as ever. He had a bit of a cold last week but is doing fine now. Amazing how one day at daycare can give people a cold.

Here are some pictures to prove that we are busy and having fun. Sorry for the lack of updates but I am trying really hard. I changed the theme again and this one isn’t too bad. (comments?)

Here is a picture of Carter and Carson … best buddies. Carson REALLY likes going on the beds now and pushing his face into pillows etc. Carter of course likes the manly hugs and squeezes Carson close to death!

With Fall comes the neighbours back from summer holidays. You would think that school would drain them of any remaining energy but not our kids. Carson is joining in the fun now as well. Here is a picture of him in between his roaming of the backyard.

Carter was the helpful one when we got our new camera as an early Xmas present. Family members will be sent the Picassa link for all of his funny portraits he did for Barbie when she was checking out the new camera. Here is one of them. What a nut.

Barbie also shot an awesome shot of Connor in the treehouse in our backyard. Classic.

Connor in the treehouse

¬†Gotta go to bed …. talk to you later!!

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