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Connor Loses It!

Yup. Connor lost his front tooth that has been dangling for a number of weeks if not a month. It happened yesterday after getting back from skiing. He was pretty excited that it happened and the Tooth Fairy showed up with $2!! What a deal!


The other teeth will soon follow. The other front tooth is hanging by a thread as well so it will be mere days I figure before it too falls out. Connor tends to make about $6-$10 over the next 4 weeks I figure. Not bad work if you can get it.

How are the other boys doing? Hmm, Carson now takes bona-fide fits when he doesn’t get his way. Now to be fair they are fairly quiet protests that involve him putting his hands on his head (like when one has a headache) and then dropping to the floor very slowly and then looking up at you. Take a peek at one in action:

Burn Baby Burn!

But other than that he has been fantastic. He seems to be over the worst of his recent colds and literally is non-stop talking for most of the day. He says “Juice” (thanks to Grammy … pronounced ‘Juh’!), Connor (ka-ka), Pizza (what do you expect?? …. ‘pia’) and Ball of course (‘Ball’). He has quite the vocabulary.

We are under a whack of snow still in Ottawa. This year has been awesome for snow and just the other day we were out front having snowball fights. The boys like going on top of the snow mounds and the neighbours across the street is their favourite.

Snow Mound

We had some pretty warm weather today (freezing rain yesterday) but not much melted as the wind was pretty high. We dip back into the negative territory tonight with about 2-4 cms more of snow. Yay!

Carter had a bit of a meltdown while skiing yesterday at Vorlage. He didn’t listen to me and had a high-speed wipe-out (think the intro to Wide World of Sports .. yes I am old) and then proceeded to melt down on the hill. I only got in one run all day and that was to get him down to the lodge. One of those days I would rather forget frankly. Overall though they love skiing. :-)

Holy crap … it’s getting late. I need to end this silly Family Day (first one in Ontario … would rather have the day off at Xmas) and go to sleep.

Let’s end it with some campy shots of Carson. Cya later.


Yay I am Carson!


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  • Dang…Carson is sure growing up isn’t he? In that last picture almost looks like a completely different baby!

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