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Back at Work

Wow. It’s been a long time. I am wondering if any one will even read this given how much time it has been since I wrote a post.

For those loyal readers I am promising that you will see multiple posts during the week starting now. :-)

So let’s get in to it. How are things going around here? Crazy times are being guided by crazy people. Who is the craziest lately? I would have to say Carson of all people. He is the most polite dictator one could ever ask for in the world. He has this nice booming deep voice when he does it though which is hilarious.

There are many examples but the best is just him YELLING at the top of his lungs when he wants something done for him. (apparently his legs don’t work when ascending/descending stairs … we should see a doctor I guess … ;-) )  Pizza being ordered by Carson? (He yells it!) Toast? (voice on LOUD when he asks until you get it.) Bananas? (‘Na-Na!! Daddy! Na-Na!!’ …. Dad retrieves Banana for Carson and hands it to him. ‘Dank-U!!!!’)

You get the idea. I was just interrupted a few minutes a go to play blocks with him. He will stand and yell at the top of his lungs until you acknowledge him or better yet go with him. Sigh. He has Connor’s size, Carter’s voice, Connor’s stubborness and both of their athleticism. We are in severe trouble.

But with all these things he is the most polite kid in the world. Always saying thank you and ‘please’, puts his dishes away if you can believe it and generally cleans up after himself.

Here are some recent pictures of him. The first two are shots of him eating his favourite food pizza.

Being the ham that he is, of course when a camera is pointed at him he will pose. Nothing else to add. ;-)

When all is said and done he will retire to the table for some extra food which is usually a messy event. When that does happen we sometimes strip him down to keep his clothes clean at least. Needless to say he is quite the little dude in his Pampers. :-)

How are the other boys doing? Great! Carter has COMPLETELY changed since school has started. It’s amazing what a good qualified teacher does for someone. (and yes Mrs. ‘X’ from last year …. you need to find another job.) Carter actually wants to go to school. He sings a lot more at home because his teacher does that a lot when they are learning colours or cleaning up. The at-home experience is awesome because he is so happy (if that is possible) all the time. And well hockey??? He loves it and can’t get enough. Hopefully we can get some more ice time for him during the Fall as it kills him to see Connor go to hockey all the time.

 These are some pictures that some of you have seen after Carter’s first hockey practice ever!! Over 60 kids on the ice at one time is amazing. The increase in the players is really amazing compared to when Connor was in the 5 year old group. (Note the Oilers jersey of course!!)

Last but not least is Connor. Here is a picture of him going to school on his first day of Grade 2. Note the tan and the smile! He also has an awesome teacher who we met this week for the annual teacher/parent start of school BBQ. She is a younger teacher for the split class Connor is in and really enjoys challenging him. She says that Connor is her ‘runner’ for things as he always is finished his homework early in class and needs to be looked after. (i.e. so he doesn’t get in trouble for talking.) So he runs and gets her printouts from the printer etc which is cool. Oh by the way that reminds me of a story from the interview. We are late to meet the teacher (of course …. we thought it started at 5:30 but in fact ended at 5:30 … oh well) but she is very nice to us as we talk to her. I asked Connor to show me his desk and he did. It’s over right beside the teacher’s desk … alone …. no one else around him. (all other desks are mated together in the classroom.) Why are you over here Connor? He pauses for a second and simply says ‘I talk too much.’ Oh well, at least he is honest!!! :-)

I am very proud of him as he is a very smart kid and excels in school. As we were walking up the stairs to his classroom (3rd floor which is exciting for him) we saw Mrs. Chartrand (his Grade 1 teacher) and she said “Are you sure you don’t want to come in to my class Connor?’ Connor laughed and went up the stairs but she then said something very telling. “I miss him dearly. He is such a great kid.” Wow!! That floored me. It just shows that a GREAT teacher can have a lifetime impact on people. (for me Mrs. Gelner for some reason sticks in my brain. A.E. Perry school Mom if I remember correctly.) Mrs. Chartrand actually sent Connor a postcard from Texas where she visits her parents and at first I thought she sent it to all of the kids but I think it’s only for a select few.

Anyway, we have to run out to Ashley’s ‘house’ for her birthday party. Then come back and go to another party Connor has. Sigh. Another typical day here in our lives.

Hope everything is well in your neck of the woods. Talk to you later this week.


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