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Carson is 2 years old today. I still can’t believe that. It really has gone fast for sure.

He got up around 7:15am today which was nice … oh wait! We woke him up at that time! :-)

First thing was to round up the boys on the bed and open the presents from everyone. Carter of course was really excited as usual.

A quick song of Happy Birthday .. well sort of. But it’s cute listening to Carson say it!!

Carson really loved his Ugly Doll that Uncle Craig sent. Nice and ugly and cuddly! Good choice!

I ran out last night and got Carson a little Mega Block track which is kind of neat. It was a huge as everyone played with it right up until we went to school.

And finally. Mr. Cool-guy really loves his new toque (or as they say out here ‘hat’ … I will never get used to that. It’s not a hat. A hat is something you wear on your head that isn’t specifcally made to keep your head warm in Canada. Trust me. Get over it … I will never say ‘hat’ when describing a toque. Ok … I am done ranting about Eastern and Central Canada slang. Ok … not done … even Wikipedia backs me up.)

Ok … time to go to bed. I will send out some Picasa links to the family later on.

Hope everyone had a great day. Bye!

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  • Happy Birthday you little munchkin! And I agree with your Dad…it is not a hat, it is a toque (although, I would have spelled it touque…and Wikipedia just schooled me on that one, so I guess it will be toque from now on)

    craigue :)

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