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The man sleeps anytime, anywhere

Carson is unique. Anyone that has met him knows that. His problem? He is a mix of Connor’s brains and brawn and Carter’s excitability and infinite energy. Case in point. I managed to survive the weekend all alone with the boys as Barbie went out and played scrapbooking heiress in sunny Cornwall. ;-) Back to my point …. Carson got up around 6:30am and lasts until 9 or 9:30 at night. Insane. What did I do with him all day? Hockey, baseball, and soccer all on the road outside but noooooo … nothing wears him out.

So I sit with him and watch sports on tv when it gets late. He usually screams at the top of his lungs when there is a home run or a goal scored. On Saturday he did a pain-inducing scream (happy scream) when there was a goal and then decided to yell some more on the floor where the blanket was. Well, about no more then two minutes later he seemed oddly quiet. The reason? He simply just passes out like turning out a light switch.

Yesterday night? Barbie was giving Carson some hard love and kept telling him to go back to his room as it was passed 9pm and he needs to go to sleep. Barbie heard some door opening and closing and some chatter at the top of the stairs. After a while she went upstairs into his room and he wasn’t there!! She then went into our room where the boys were asleep (nightly ritual after reading) and found Carson spread out amongst his brothers! Hilarious!! It’s hard to tell but Carter and Connor are usually right beside each other. Obviously Carson decided that wasn’t fair and Carter eventually had to find some more space to his liking.

Anyway, I need to go to sleep. More pics tomorrow.


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