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A reminder to Scott/Barbie when the days seem bad

Hi everyone.

This post is as much a reminder to me, as well as everyone else, that the outcomes of the small battles aren’t necessarily how the war will end.

In this case, I will always remember this email sent to us from a parent yesterday out of the blue regarding Carter.  Carter and the boys can be a handful most days but in the end all that matters is how they end up as adults.

Needless to say I am very proud of all my boys!

Hi Barbie,

I just had to write you to tell you how kind and friendly Carter was to Ross today at Sports Camp.

Ross had an appointment this morning so I didn’t bring him to camp until about 1:30. We walked into the Nepean Highschool big gym and Ross was a little nervous because he was late and everyone was already there sitting around a circle making flags for forts they had built. And Sophia the counsellor said “Hi Ross!” And then Carter turned around and smiled so nicely and said “Hi Ross! ┬áCome sit here – do you want to join our fort?”

He was so sweet. What a kind child Carter is – and so smart to know just what to say to make another child feel welcome and comfortable.

I was so happy to see Ross going off to the fort with Carter because of how Carter treated him and what he said to him. It was precious. You have a lovely boy!


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