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Carter and the tooth

Carter had a big day yesterday. He lost his very first tooth albeit in a typical Carter approach to things (i.e the hardest possible way).

If you don’t remember, Carter got hit by a stick over a year ago by a neighbours kid playing street hockey. The tooth has been pretty grey in colour since then and we were quite worried that he might have damaged his adult teeth.

Well last weekend we noticed that the adult tooth had broken through the upper gums. We decided to go see the dentist to make sure that all was well. After a quick checkup, it was decided to rip the tooth out. Carter endured two needles and was a total trooper through it all. He was very proud of himself for sure to be such a big boy now.

In typical Carter fashion though, he got us ‘back’ by waking up at 6am to tell us that the tooth fairy did indeed show up!! Thanks ……. We guessed she would. What is the going rate you ask? 5 bucks. Not bad huh?

Here are some pics taken at the dentists office. You can see the gauze in his mouth.

Take care!!

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