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Another attempt

Hi. Well why not? I seem to write inane Facebook posts so I would rather do something more useful then that. I was looking at some old posts and it was nice to read how the kids were progressing etc. So here is my next attempt. Maybe I will link in my facebook posts somehow. I am sure there is a wordpress plugin for that.

Ok so what is new? Well the boys are non-stop hockey at least 4 days of the week so it’s pretty busy. Carson has started skating lessons and he enjoys that although it’s a great workout for me as I am holding him up a lot. But he now stands by himself. I find it surprising given how good of an athlete he is. He can hit a pitched baseball 70% of the time but hasn’t figured out skating yet. Oh well that will come.

Carter is quite the little player. He is fun to watch play as he is a puck hound. Always looking for the puck. I am at the rink now. I will add a picture at the end of this post.

What else? Well work is work. I would give personal opinions about the state of the company but why should I when they still pay the mortgage? :-) Barbie has gone to work fir Ericsson which is nice as I don’t have to worry about the end game.

Here us an iPhone picture. Not sure of the quality but we will see hoe it works. I am writing this on my iPhone and probably will all the time as it’s easier for me. Oh …. I will also be getting a new one as this one doesn’t vibrate anymore!

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