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Olympic Fever

The boys are actually watching the Olympics with me since it started. Now of course they have had no choice but the addition of HD to the household has made the difference I believe. The raw feed channels on Bell are amazing. I truly don’t miss the talking heads for the various sports especially given how horrible the CTV family of announcers are and will be. Don’t even get me started about the horrible Sportsnet announcers etc. They are truly the bottom of the barrel in terms of talent.

So far the favourite sports for the boys to watch has been short track speedskating and biathalon. Mine as well. I haven’t really been into the hockey. I have watched the odd period but now that we finally have games that matter (starting with Deutschland tomorrow) I will sit through them. So many people are so emotionally attached to these games it’s frankly a bit startling. I have had more fun cheering for our other athletes that work their butts off for 5+ years for 2 minutes of fame (speedskating for example) on television then for the multi-millionaire hockey players. Don’t get me wrong … I will be cheering for them but I think everyone in Canada should wake up and support everyone. The mens hockey team never seemed to be that winning combination for some reason but time will tell to see how far we get.

Today was a bit rough for me as I was home with Carson and Carter today as we have been battling the flu all weekend. They seem to be a lot better tonight so hopefully we can get them in to school/daycare starting tomorrow.

Anyway … I should go … talk soon.


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