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Lazy Sunday

I stayed up late working on the website’s innards by upgrading lots of backend stuff on the server as I have ignored things for the last year. :-) I went to bed around 1:15am and paid for it by getting up at around 9:30 as mentioned in my last post.

The thing about sleeping in here in Stockholm at this time of year is that this means that I have missed about 2-3 of good light (notice I didn’t say sunlight because that is pretty rare right now). So I kicked myself in the butt and got out of the apartment around 12:30. The first thing I saw was an old mini. Sweet looking ride.

My plan? Nothing really. I decided to go down towards the main shopping district and eventually get some groceries. The trip is about 20 mins by subway so I have to make sure I don’t get too much and on top of that, things that could melt. I feel like a student more and more.

I got off at the Hotorget stop and cruised down the longest pedestrian street called Drottninggatan and browsed through the Hötorget market square where there is a flea market on Sundays. I didn’t see anything of value (big surprise).


I grabbed some groceries and headed home. I got a nice text from the family showing me what they ordered for breakfast in Arnprior where Connor is playing hockey today. It brought a nice smile to my face.

Well, I must watch the end of the Formula 1 race and hopefully Vettel will crash out of the race. (no one gets hurt obviously).


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