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Monday – 2 weeks into trip

Just a quick note that I have officially been here for 2 weeks. I can honestly say it doesn’t feel that long but yet I get a strange feeling of normality with my weekday ritual of ¬†getting up, go for a quick run, eat breakfast (cereal always), watch Dirty Jobs in Swedish (still funny) and leave by 8am. Arrive at work within 5 minutes (I am that close), get cup of water (Stockholm’s water quality is off the chart good right out of the tap as per any guide-book about the country) and answer emails from the day/night before.

I definitely look forward to the weekends where I can wander around freely.

Trip ideas and suggestions are welcome. I am looking at doing a day trip to Helsinki within the next few weeks. Funny to even consider that. Return ticket price? $140 all in. Crazy cheap.


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