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The Siren

Every morning I get a present from the citizens of Stockholm. It’s not their famous chocolate, coffee or even their amazing water out of the tap (it’s unbelievably smooth to the point I can’t describe it). It’s a siren.

The siren is for the office building under construction across the street from the apartment. Apparently it’s for the deaf workers who are unable to see what time it is to start.  (ok, I jest). The worse part is that it can be started anywhere from 6:40 to 7:00am. I think they are supposed to start at 7am but apparently the bylaw officers don’t care.

The closest I can come to describing the sound is the start of an air raid siren. In fact, I think that is exactly the sound. The worst part is that the guys work 7 days a week.

Oh well. It could be worse.

Today was pretty much the same. I went for a 5.5 km run through a neighbourhood nearby. It was kind of cool to see the houses people have albeit it was pitch dark.

Still trying to figure out where I am going this weekend. There are still some cool day trips to check out and the Xmas stalls apparently start soon with the local artists pawning their creations.

I am getting wordy …. a parting picture of some Swedish policemen outside the Swedish parliament a few weeks ago. What caught my eye is the Hero HD camera mounted to the helmet of the office on the left. Pretty cool.

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