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Cruising along

Days seem to fly by here during the week. It’s mostly due to the fact that work is insanely busy and I honestly come home around 6:30 most days. Work is a simple 5 minute walk to the apartment which is part of the problem. If I had to hop on the metro every day it would be a different approach.

I am slowly getting sick of my routine of waking up at 6:55 (thank you alarm), having a shower, eating my cereal (two bowls every day as I am starving all the time … blame my tapeworm), watching Discovery channel (seems to be the only interesting thing on) program and in this case Dirty Jobs is on starting at 7:15 am. I then meet my colleague downstairs at 8 am exactly and then walk to work. It’s beginning to be too routine. I am on the back-end of the trip with 3.5 weeks to go so I should just enjoy it I guess.

Funny story to leave you for today. When I was coming back from the city centre in Stockholm on Sunday (I didn’t post as I was tired) in the train, I smelled some earthly products all of a sudden. Now, on a subway you see lots of things. For example, right before getting on my last train I saw a guy with a fridge on a dolly. Something you wouldn’t expect but that is what I saw. Anyway ….

I looked up and saw these two guys with pieces of sod on top of some orange/pink slabs. I assumed they were coming back from university or something like that and just chalked it up to one of those strange things you see on a train.

Well, later that night I was watching the news (ok, I look at the pictures and try and pick up words in Swedish) and saw that the old AIK football stadium (soccer for you North Americans) was being torn down and people were allowed to take things for 2-3 hours on Sunday before demolition. So it suddenly dawned on me that these guys had cut up some sod from the football stadium and the slabs were seats from the stadium! Who would have guessed!!

Here is the picture I took surreptitiously while these guys were on the train.



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