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Weekend Warrior

Another crazy weekend for me as I spent every possible moment cruising around the city.

As mentioned, I went to the Drottningholm Palace where the Royal Family lives here most of the time. It was unbelievable and pictures really don’t do it justice. Once again I took the wrong direction on the bus route so a 30 minute bus ride turned into an hour+. I wasn’t happy but it turned out great in the end.

The palace grounds are right on Lake Malaren here in Sweden. With the snow cover and the stark contrast of the white and the dormant trees, I was blown away. There were lots of people on the grounds as this weekend was the only time that the Xmas market would be on the grounds. It was fun to see the various Swedish foods and crafts that are special to this time of year. The culture is very cool in all aspects and I think they do Xmas right. :-)

Once I walked around the grounds I went in to the palace itself. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a beautiful castle and has the UNESCO world heritage site designation for good reason. Almost every room I went in to had a painted ceiling and unique coverings (paintings or drapes) that were mind boggling. The royal family lives in one main wing of the palace which I couldn’t go to. (Go figure!) A nice place to live if you can manage it.

I then went home at around 6 or 7 pm after getting a ticket to Ricky Gervais who plays on the 16th. I finally convinced myself that it’s worth the money as I probably won’t have the opportunity to see him live in the near future. Should be fun.

Today I went and walked around the city centre again doing some shopping (or looking for future purchases for everybody) in some stores I hadn’t been in yet. There is no question that the prices of clothes are astronomical but the fashion is so unique. I thought of my nieces who would lose their minds here with the sheer quality and quantity of the shops here. Finally at around 3 or so I left for the Hovet arena which is the original hockey arena for the area that was build in 1952 I believe. It had been recently renovated but I found it quite dated anyway. The price of the ticket was about $225 SEK which is about $30 CAD. They were great seats but there wasn’t too many people there. The AIK team is not very good and people are not showing up because of it. The hockey was fast though and enjoyable. AIK lost by a score of 2-0.


After the game I simply went straight back to the apartment but of course I had to get some milk and cereal for the week. I am drinking so much milk for some reason as I go through 2L in about 3 days. I didn’t think I drank so much but judging by the milk that Barbie doesn’t have to buy now, I believe I am the culprit.

Two weeks to go and I am now counting the days.

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