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Saint Lucia Day

Just some quick posts in succession. I find the days go really fast and I have great ideas of posting but never do. :-)

On Thursday, it was St. Lucia Day here and my day started by watching the television where I saw some traditional songs being played on one of these televised radio shows. The main singer had a crown with candles and I found out later that in fact is how she is represented everywhere on this day. A quick history lesson, Saint Lucia is one of the very few Saint days here in Sweden but has turned out to be quite a big deal. It represents the countdown to Xmas and should only be celebrated first thing in the morning when it is dark (that is not too hard given the sun doesn’t rise past 8am right now)

The history of this young girl is in fact quite dark. She was burned at the stake for her sins and since then it was deemed that the bad spirits roamed free at night during the time from Lussi Night (Dec 13) to Yule (Dec 24) and that children and others should be wary of attracting bad spirits to them based on their actions through the year. Sound familar?

Anyway, long story short at work they provided Lucia Buns (saffron buns with raisins) and Glogg (warmed wine) and as usual it was yummy.

Here is a shot of the setup at the lab.

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