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Snowy Saturday

The weather today was very much like a lot of the days have been since I arrived. No sun, lots of snow and windy.

But today I enjoyed it a bit more. Yes, I was cold at times but it was fun to walk around in the snowstorm (they are forecasting 11-15cm more tonight before it ends) during the Jul season. The subways were packed today and the stores were equally as busy. It’s definitely getting in to the last days of the shopping season. Interestingly late night shopping only started yesterday which is really different from back home. They don’t really emphasize gifts as much as they do back home but don’t get me wrong. Swedish people love to shop.

I went to a bunch of stores today starting with the area I wrote up about yesterday called Vasastan. The snow was already falling by the time I got there and the wind was quite high as well. There was a pastry store that was cooking food on the sidewalk (looked like eggs, onions and meat of some type) and handing out portions of their dessert to people walking by on the sidewalk. Of course I took it! I walked around a bit more and then made my way back to this store and bought 4 things for a whopping 100SEK!! ($14) I didn’t realize it until afterwards how much these cost. But you know what? They are amazing!!! Here is a picture of both of them.20121215-232247.jpg

One is a kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon bun but in my opinion way better!) and the other I couldn’t find the name for. As you can see it is cylindrical and in fact has coconut inside. That is my favourite to say the least!! So good!!



After that I walked around a bit more and continued south for at least 1/2 hour and then got to the point where I needed shelter as the snow was really picking up! I ducked in to the subway and went to Saluhall. It was definitely unique. It had all types of food stalls and people were sitting and eating the different things they had on display. I picked some things up (who knows what Santa will bring to my readers) and headed out to shop some more. I went to a bunch of places that I hadn’t gone in to yet. Some of them were really expensive places although that describes the majority of shops here. I don’t know how people afford to live here but one of the guys at work told me that Swedes just simply live life for today and don’t worry about savings. It shows.

As I was walking around I bumped into a lot of Santas!! It was hilarious. They were surprisingly sober! Good times!


The statue became Santa as well after they left!20121215-233159.jpg


Not much else to say other than it was snowy. Did I mention that? ;-) 20121215-232457.jpg

I am looking forward to Ricky Gervais tomorrow night and during the day I might just do some more shopping but have decided I better go to the Vasa museum before I run out of time!


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