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Happy Birthday Barbie and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Gasp! Yes we are alive. I have been really busy lately with work and unfortunately my nights where I usually update the site have been devoted to Nortel. Pretty sad huh? But hey, someone has to pay the mortgage off.

 Well … where do I start? Oh right let’s start off with the wife’s birthday yesterday! Barbie turned 21 yesterday! If you don’t believe me see how many candles were on the cake. ;-) Everyone had fun and enough of this text stuff … here are the pictures of the festivities.

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

As anyone who has met Carter knows he is quite interested in all things. Especially things doused with chocolate!! Here he is making sure that Mom is diverted enough that she possibly isn’t going to notice his little digits getting into the cake. Yah right!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

No word to the lie here … Carter is within milliseconds of getting his fingers in *Again* to the cake while Mommy poses for the camera. Dang that boy is really smart.

Carter about to pounce on the cake! 

Got Some!

By the way the next picture here is actually MY cake but Carter kept dipping into the icing as you can see by the ‘dents’ in my cake. That boy is definitely related to me! ;-)

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

The kids all got St. Patty’s Day hats and sort of stayed still for this shot.

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter posing for the camera. He looks good in green I do say. Oh who am I fooling he looks good in any colour. Just ask Carter! It’s actually quite fun to put him in front of a mirror as he just stares at himself and makes faces and generally just checks himself out.

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Barbie and her Mom and Dad just chilling out and trying to digest the heaviest cake known to mankind. (But oh it was so good!)

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

The next day the boys made sure that we all wore our hats wherever we were in the house. First thing in the morning of course the St. Patty’s hats became ‘helmets’ during our hockey game. Here is a shot of Connor mugging for the camera as he plays goalie.

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Ok … here is my favourite Carter picture of the moment. He just looks so cool for some reason. Barbie says he looks like he just came back from a ‘job’ or something … i.e. a criminal act. But with a face like that do you think he is capable of such acts? HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA … yes but I would never testify against him in court due to the blood ties. ;-)

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

Ok  …. one last shot of the boys watching TV during one of the Tv time-outs during our hockey game. Dang they are sure cute.

Carter about to pounce on the cake!

 Ok that is it for now. I totally apologize for being tardy for the posts but life is way too hectic. I will be better I promise.


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More crazy weather + pictures when it wasn’t crazy!

Hi everybody,

Life here is a wee bit hectic as I have been working pretty hard every night this week unfortunately. I haven’t had the strength to type at the end of the night so thus the lack of posts. To make up for it I will give a quick brain dump on last weekend and what we were up to.

Today was some more crazy weather here in Ottawa. We were about +4 yesterday with rain (at times heavy) which then turned into freezing rain. Then last night it became really cold (check out the front page …. pretty cold + super high winds) and flash freezed everything! Unfortunately people lost their lives today in this storm. I actually got stuck in my parking spot at work because when I parked it in the morning it was in a puddle but in the afternoon it froze. I tried to get out of these slick grooves with no luck. Thankfully some burly elevator company dudes pushed me out. I was on my way to pay off the Mazda today!! Don’t ask … that is worthy of another post. I don’t what to do in terms of keeping the car but I think it will make more sense to pay it off and move on. We will see.

Anyway … enough downer stuff. Since the weather was crazy here is some info on us at the canal last weekend. Unfortunately it was the first time for all of us this year. This winter has been the warmest in my life with no question. The boys had fun at the beginning but it soon spiralled into a cry-fest. Oh well. Connor really is skating so well now but gets tired fast. Carter … well .. let’s just say he likes the thought of skating but quickly wants someone to carry him. (Dad!!!!) ;-) Here are some shots. Note how it even appears to deteriorate as the boys get more grumpy!

Boys in the carrier

Mascot and the boys

Connor skating away!

Mom and the boys

Connor making the turn at speed

Completely beat

Completely beat

So later that day we went to the Science and Tech Museum with Ashley (and the parents of course!). They all had fun. Here are some shots at the museum. The first is off the kids in front of the green screen where they are superimposed into a video game where they interact to make things move (snowboarding) or catch things (like in a pong game). Lots of fun.
Green Screen Kiddies

Beam me up Scottie

Finally a shot from Valentines Day apparently. Connor simply looking very cute!! I thought that is a nice way to end the post. I will talk to the family on the weekend!!


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Happy Birthday Grammy!! We love You!!

All of us wanted to give you a very big virtual hug on your Birthday!! Maybe Grampy can take you out for lunch on us!!

Enough of these words … here are the boys wishing Grammy a Happy Birthday!!! (It’s a 10meg file as I didn’t have time to optimize it this morning. Be patient!) I will move this to embedded format later but for now a link to the movie. (
More later.

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Update in the city of ice

Well this winter has been so weird for me. I can’t remember ever having such a mild winter here in Ottawa. It was one thing to move out here from Saskatchewan where it really was cold to here in Ottawa where it was a ‘wet’ cold. (*rolling my eyes*)

This year has been non-stop snow, melt, freezing rain, ice buildup, repeat cycle. I do believe this is about the 3rd to 4th most snow in Winter that I can remember here in Ottawa though. But this cycle of melting and raining is driving me nuts. Bring on the white stuff and -20 temperatures!

The boys don’t seem to mind however. I have been playing hockey on the driveway the last couple of days which they really enjoy. That is until Carter dives into the house for food and then Connor either gets bored with my goaltending skills or gets hungry as well. Oh well … such is my job to get them exercise.

We went to skating lesson #2 last weekend and it went as well as the first one for Carter. He simply isn’t that interested in skating for very long. No big deal … I know he will enjoy it when he feels he is ready. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Note Connor leading his group with the traffic lights (i.e. bowling pins) teaching them how to stop and start.

Connor the traffic office

Carter Skating

After skating on Saturday, Connor and I went to get our haircuts. At the mall Connor saw a jersey he liked and it was on sale ($20) so I bought it for him. Well he didn’t take it off the rest of the weekend and we managed to pry it off of him on Sunday night to wash it for school on Monday (where he wore it again). It’s a Paul Kariya jersey when he was with Colorado two years ago (or last season if you know what I mean). Here are some shots with Connor and the little man. I had to take some pictures of Carter in his awesome pyjamas that Uncle Craig bought for him. (“We scare because we care.”) They look soooo cool.

Kariya Jersey

Kariya Jersey

Finally here is a very rare site in the world of Carter. He actually appears to be upset in this picture!! Wow … this must be a mistake but yet the photograph never lies. (ok, I think he was mid-expression but look at those PJ’s!! They are sooooo cool!)

Kariya Jersey

Take care everyone. Chat later.

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Brrr …. Skating Lessons … Goalie Pics


If you are reading this tonight the weather icon says it all on the front page. Minus 18 Celsius with a windchill of -32. Yikes it finally is winter for a couple of days. Unfortunately the rest of the week it is back to our global warming type winter and have positive temperatures again. I was going to flood the rink tonight but I thought twice about it given the windchill but more importantly the lack of freezing temperatures. Not worth my time.

Carter and Connor went their separate ways today in some respect. Carter went to a birthday party with Mommy and Connor went over to a friend’s house for the morning. I hung out and started to put some wood filler on the stairs going to the basement as we are trying to clean that up and repaint the baseboards. So far so good. It looks a lot better then it did before.

Carter had his first official skating lesson on Saturday. He absolutely gets excited about going on the ice but once on their he tends to … hmmm … how do you say … NOT LIKE IT! Hey he is only 2; what do you expect? ;-) The beginning of the lesson was fine as he was doing great on pushing up on one knee to get himself up but after about 10 minutes he just kind of gave up and started lying on the ice or asking me to hold him. My knees were getting sore let me tell you.

A good start to the lesson

Oh oh ... things are going south.

The party's over!

Just noticed that the text I wrote last night on the laptop wasn’t there for some reason. In the interest of time here are the goalie pictures of Carter.

Goalie Man

Goalie Man

Goalie Man

G’day y’all.