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Happy Birth Day Nicole!

Congrats to Uncle Bill and Aunt Jennifer on their latest arrival earlier this morning!

Here are the specifications of the new female human unit:

Name: Nicole Allison Hiscock
Born: Oct. 14th @ 1:02 am
Weight: 7lbs 8oz

Connor and Carter are very excited to see their new cousin as Mom and Dad are! Here is a picture of baby Nicole with her Mom and Dad:

Beautiful Nicole!

In other news (I am saying this for the purpose of posterity, of course), Nanny and Poppy Hiscock (along with Ashley) were introduced to a large truck today! I am putting this in the lightest possible way as everyone is ok! Apparently a large truck (Semi) didn’t want to stop in time at a light and bumped Nanny and Poppy’s van. Everyone is fine but it just shows that the “Big Smoke” is not my kind of town. :-)

Hope everyone is well … except that big bad semi-truck driver! I hope he runs out of milk for his bowl of cereal tomorrow morning as revenge! ;-)

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Happy 6th Anniversary to Scott and Barbie

It was six years ago today that we all experienced a very special day. It is still fun to go back and look at all the wonderful pictures of Scott and Barbies wedding Everyone had such a great time. The day was also a chance to celebrate Craigs birthday as well.

Today we are looking forward to Craig’s visit to Kelowna for Thanksgiving and we will try and have an update as the next few days go by. He is here until Tuedsay night, so hopefully we can “cram” in as much activity as possible.

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Happy Birthday Craig!!!!

Happy Birthday Craig!

Today you turn *gasp* 39!! Oh well at least it isn’t 40! That hurts just typing that in. Man time has flown by hasn’t it? Well let’s have a look down memory lane shall we?

Here is a picture of Craig in 1968 with his Teddy Bear:
Craig cira 1968

Another pose by Craig at age 3:
Craig cira 1969

The computer whiz on his smoking Commodore 64 computer!!

Craig cira 1984

Finally an awesome shot of him with Carter in Kelowna! Great picture don’t you think?

Craig with Carter in Kelowna

There are some more interesting photographs I could have put up but I thought these were pretty darn nice of me!!

Anyway … Happy Birthday Bro!! Have a great day!

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Family Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating in the last three weeks but we have been pretty busy around here. With school for Connor comes what seems to be less time for ourselves. I am sure lots of the readers out there (mainly grandparents) can attest to that feeling. I think I am more nervous about the whole school thing then Connor was. It is weird to see him going into a school to meet a teacher … something about it is very different then daycare for me. Maybe it’s the amount of kids there and the different energy. Who knows; but I digress. :-)

Here is a picture of Connor when he was going to meet his new teacher Mrs. D’Angelo.

Connor Looking Good!

Mommy also took a picture of Connor just near the school.
Connor outside school

Carter hasn’t been feeling that great lately. He can blame his father basically. I haven’t been feeling that great over the last 2.5 weeks. I had an on again/off again fever and a nasty cough. I finally went to a doctor (after much prodding from my Mom and Barbie) and he had a listen to my lungs etc and all was clear. He said it was a viral infection of the chest and that I should take it easy. I haven’t gone running in over two weeks and it showed a couple of days ago at hockey. To say the least I sucked! I was minus 2 and that is with the score being 4-2 in their favour. (do the math … I was on the ice for all of the goals!) I just didn’t have my legs. Sitting on my butt getting ‘better’ really put me in bad shape and wiped out my endurance. I plan on getting back into this week as I still want to run a 10K sometime this month.

Here is a picture of the ‘little man’. He is so cute!! He is feeling better today. His cough has diminished but boy oh boy can he get mad sometimes for no reason! What a pair of lungs he has!

Cutey Pie!

Connor and Carter absolutely love Koke. And Koke loves them back. They are best buddies and every day after daycare they run into the house looking for Koke. She is there at the door waiting for them. The boys usually run around the house with her. Koke can be found at night in someone’s bed making sure all is safe. Here is a shot of her with Connor sleeping (and I think she was as well) on our bed:

Koke and friends sleeping

Carter does sleep some nights! ;-) Here is a picture of the most beautiful little man (taken tonight!) catching some zzz’s:

Carter Zonked Out

I am getting really tired so here are some last shots of some fun we had just yesterday. I created an extra new part to Connor’s spaceship that his mom made. I added the towers. Connor and Carter were running after me with Connor inside the space centre! Great fun!

Connor in his spaceship centre

Last weekend we went to the butterfly exhibit at Carleton University. Connor went with his friend Kyle (from daycare) and was running around taking pictures with our camera believe it or not. I am not sure if he took this one but there are pictures he took that were pretty darn good.

Butterfly at the UofO

I hope everyone is well out there in cyber-land. I can’t believe it’s October!!

Until later.

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Connor First Day of School

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, children were laughing… except for Connor. His first day of school (it’s actually his first day of integration – only about 5-6 kids will be in this morning) didn’t exactly go as I had hoped. I figured my boy who has been in day care for 2 years, would naturally love school! He would walk in and take over the place! Well, not exactly.

First it was “I don’t want to go to school, I want to go to day care”, to which I responded “Connor, you’ll love school, you’ll meet new kids, have fun! and then you get to go to day care, too!” (best of both worlds, right?) So, off we went to drop Carter off at day care and to bring in Connor’s lunch. I thought, I’ll let him play for a minute or two and then we’ll go to school. (Bad idea) He decided to sit in his cubby and whine about going to school. All the kids in his room were gathered at the door, staring, asking “is Connor okay, is he sick?” Nope, just didn’t want to go to school.

So Mommy reasoned with him and in a perfect world, he would have walked out of day care and on to academia… not exactly. Mommy had to carry him out of the day care. When we got to the van he proceeded to run around the car screaming “I HATE SCHOOL, I’M NOT GOING!” add to that “I’M GOING TO GROWL AT EVERYONE AND PUSH THE OTHER KIDS” (which usually gets him sent home -he’s a smart one, our boy). Being a loving, patient Mommy, I reasoned with the boy for as long as I could until I finally said “I’m leaving, get in the van?”.

On the slow drive to school, he calmed down. Maybe this will work out I think. When we got to the school, it took about 5-10 minutes and some fancy Mommy magic (“Oh, Connor let’s stand over here, oops, looks like we are in the way here, how about over here, oh no, we are in the way here too…”) to get him into the play yard with the other kids. I had managed to find a little girl from his day care and her parents, so I thought he’s warm up to the idea of being in the yard with the other kids – instead he clung to my leg like the last piece of a capsized raft!

Just before all the kids were to go inside, we lined up in the designated area and waited for our teacher to collect us. Mrs. D’Angelo was great, she got all the other Mommies and Daddies to say their good-byes but I got a pass. I was allowed to walk Connor to the classroom. From there however, it was bye-bye time. Mrs. D’Angelo had to physically remove him from my leg and haul him into the classroom. I walked away, a little teary eyed (sniff). Guess that could have gone better. :(

But never fear, the report from the classroom when I picked him up was that his crying/unhappiness lasted a whole 2 minutes and that he played and had a great time. He showed the teacher how high he could count and he helped the other kids with the water fountain.

When I dropped him off at the day care, he found out that because he’s only in half days now, he doesn’t have to nap… well, if I’d been armed with this little tidbit of information, the morning would have gone a lot better! This morning, he asked me if he was going to school today, unfortunately, his next day is Friday. He was very disappointment because it meant he had to take a nap. I think Friday is looking up!