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New Member of the Family

Was it the constant whining of U’i during the night? Was it the request of the oldest child to have a dog? Does Barbie secretly want another child? Whatever the reason, I am proud to announce that the newest member of the Eastern Colvin clan …. Koke!! ;-) For those wondering what Koke (koh-kee) means …. it is a Hawaiian name for a quick runner or a swift runner.

Koke Up Close and Personal

She sure likes her scratching toy!
Koke Scratching Her Toy Not My Furniture!

Koke Scratching Her Toy Not My Furniture!

Now it didn’t take long for her to find Connor’s room. Here are a couple of shots of her eyeing the fish who is blissfully unaware of the newest Colvin’s evil intentions!

Koke Wanting Some Fish!

I Love Fish!

Now how is the little guy managing to put up with such a nice kitty? Here is Carter, in let’s just say, a quiet moment with Koke. (Those are far and few between to say the least.)

Here Kitty Kitty!

I will give her kudos though. She doesn’t get fazed at all by Carter’s constant attention. We have told Connor on how to lift Koke properly but Carter is very brutish. He simply grabs her by whatever means (usually by the front paw and one rear leg) and then brings her around to whatever area he wants. Quite comical but Koke just let’s it happen. She has a great temperant to say the least. Koke has endured Carter and the occasional hiss from U’i. Today U’i was more responsive to Koke and I am sure they will be great friends. Hopefully once Koke gets a clean bill of health they will be integrated in the house. (Koke has quite the sneeze right now which looks like a cold to this pre-med dropout.) :-)

More pictures later. I hope everyone is doing well out there in cyberspace.


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Forest Fire

On Saturday nite around 9.45 pm we were just having a relaxing nite at home when there was a tremendous flury of sirens and racing vehicles in our area. I came upstairs to see what was happening and was greeted by the sights and sounds of all the activity. It appears that the police came into the our subdivisi0n by mistake and immediately left and went further up Westlake road towards Madison and Mayas school. This was followed by a lot of other vehicles following the police (hopefully they were volunteer fire fighters but most likely “looky loos”) The school is about a mile directly north of our house.

We looked up our street and could see a lot of smoke illuminating the sky above the trees but nothing in the way of open flames could be seen. During the next hour or so the smoke did not seem to increase very much and we never did get any smoke drifting our way. The wind was obviously blowing in the oposite direction. A lot more fire trucks were heard coming into the area and by talking to neighbours we came to realize that there was a forest fire under way and it was in the forest directly above the school. We were not overly concerned about our safety but around midnight the police started to come “door to door” and advising everyone that we had to leave in 10 minutes.

Our next chore was to think hard about what was really important to us and could never replace. We chose a few papers and photos, some paintings and our Eskimo carvings. I packed the Mac Mini because it has all my photos on it and it is small enought to pack away easily. (I wish I had a nice laptop like Scott and Barbie :-) ) We loaded all this in the Merc and we left for the WestBank community hall to register. Our biggest problem was trying to find a place to stay because everyone we know is basically within our own subdivision. Fortunately a sailing friend had called earlier when news of the fire first broke on TV and he kindly offered us a place for the night. I had to call him at 1am and confirm with him that we could stay, so after talking to him we drove over to his house. He has a beautiful home, overlooking the lake and Mission Hill winery. We spent a somewhat restless night but none the less got up around 7.30am. We had breakfast and then went back to the community hall to see if there had been any progress with the fire.

We met Alana and Amia (the Great Dane) in the hall and Alana was just on her way to drop Amia off at a kennel that the SPCA had arranged . Amia had spent the nite in the back of their van as pets were not allowed in Steve’s Mom and Dads apartment. Steve,Alana and the girls had spent the night in the apartment because the Mom and Dad had gone to Toronto on holidays. It was fortunate that this space was available because the only other choice was on matresses on the floor in one of the churches in Westbank. Alana said they had a really good view of the fire from the apartment and also when dawn broke and they were able to see all the Water Bombers and Helicopters that they had brought in to fight the fire,

We thought we would be at loose ends for the rest of the day but just as were leaving for the beach someone said that they had just made an announcement that allowed the people in Rose Valley subdivision to go back to their residences as long as we understood that we were on an alert to evacuate again, should the wind direction change. We immediately left for home and were probably one of the first families to get back.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house and watching all the activity of the helicopters flying directly over head enroute to the fire. They were dropping fire retardant and were reloading from the heliport which is just a half mile east of us by the highway. This continued until dark. When we went to bed, the wind had picked up a little and for the first time we could smell smoke. We closed the house up completely to keep the smoke out and went to bed hoping for the best. During the night I was awakend by thunderstorm and feared the fire would start up again or at worse,. another fire get started. Fortunately the thunderstorm passed and to our relief it started to rain quite heavily and by morning the reports indicate that the fire is now under control.

If anyone is interested in looking at some of the pictures of the fire go to:

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Caged Carter and Other Rants

Well … I am all alone this weekend. Before anyone gets excited I am alone with two very active, hyper, cute, and busy little men. What you have never heard of them? Well, I would gladly hand them over for a few hours to get you re-introduced! ;-)

Ok, it’s not going that bad. Barbie is off this weekend to Toronto for a scrapbooking convention, err, boondoggle, err …. ‘girls weekend off’, uhh … she deserves it. I digress however. She left Thursday afternoon and should be back on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile I have had to endure endless ‘I want Mommy’ routines from both of them when I lay down the law. Hmm … what else? Oh yah, for some reason the boys have decided to test the Emergency Broadcast System in the middle of the night. For months they have been great. Hardly getting up anymore … you know … low maintenance. But, they sense when the Force is not balanced as this weekend is. Sure enough Carter got up on Thursday night for an hour or so and I had to deal with him. Then last night, the bigger man Connor decided that he needed attention (of course he comes right in and wakes me up to tell me his attention deficit.). To top it off they both decide that at 7 am (not 7:01 or 7:10) but 7:00 on the dot that the day must start and I am of course a large part of it!

No big deal, I get paid large sums of money to do this job and I am up to the task. Well, sort of. I have been a wee bit under the weather which has stretched my ability to be uber-dad. For example, I decided to read the paper and all of a sudden I heard large amounts of laughter coming from Connor’s room. I walked upstairs to find (insert music here) a Caged Carter captured by the mighty warrior Connor. Have a look for yourself:

Carter Nabbed by the Mighty Hunter Connor

Carter Nabbed by the Mighty Hunter Connor

Pretty funny actually and I had great fun poking at the mighty beast (ok, I tickled him) as he was trapped with only his diaper on! ;-)

What else did I do today? Well, I went to the park with the boys and we stayed there for a couple of hours. Carter missed his nap so I thought a drive would be in order after lunch. No luck. He didn’t nap. So I went to Tom and Luba’s house to see how his fence was going and then drove back. That finally did it. They went to sleep and as I type this they still are asleep. I am setting myself up for doom and failure I know. I plan on waking them up when supper is delivered. () Then it will be a shooting match on whether my night will be a mess. Frankly I am so tired I will take the peace and quiet now while I can get it. The Roughrider game on CBC is on at 7 EST which I plan on watching for more interest sake then anything. The Riders stink right now but without announcers because of the strike I want to see how the ambience of Taylor Field comes across without announcers. Last week’s Edmonton game (I think that is who was playing) was a joke … just shows managers don’t know what they are doing. ;-)

Ok. Better go. More later.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!!!

The Carter man is two years old today! Hard to believe that 2 years has gone by but boy would it be boring without the little man. Here he is in his goggle-eyed glory a couple of days ago.

Goggle Birthday Boy

All went well at his birthday party on Saturday. It was family and close friends that attended. Maybe next year we will be crazy again and invite some kids from his daycare. Carter had great fun with all the presents he received from the family. Here is a shot of his big brother and company opening up his presents. Carter was too busy playing with his Hot Wheels cars!

Toys are really popular!

Da Kids at Da Party!

Carter loved his new Thomas Lego train sets as well.

Look Cahter ... More Toys for me!

Grammy and Grampy’s gifts were a hit for both boys. Connor really likes his new Thomas hat!


To keep up with the theme of his birthday party, Carter was given a cool Hot Wheels themed cake from a local cake shop. His Dad can attest it is one yummy cake!!!!

Proud Family

I am Cute .. Hear Me Roar!

Cake Good!

Poppy and Carter

Today (his real birthday) we kept it pretty low key. We had one of Carter’s favourite meals (Wendy’s) and then went to the park. Unfortunately he is really tired today (along with his big brother) and they went to bed early. I promise to get them on the phone tomorrow with everybody.

Darth Carter Strikes Again At His Party!

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My Brush With A D-lister

So, I was picking up the ladder from Stef’s place on the weekend and had a little bit of Hollywood greet me while I was there.

Right now they are filming a CTV/Life channel movie in Ottawa and are using Stef’s street as a parking lot for the production trucks and the ‘star’s’ trailer. Who is it you ask? Think Brandon and Luke to start. Kelly was also in this show. Yes! You are correct! 90210! That great 90′s show that no one could turn off. (yah right)

Well her highness Tori Spelling is gracing our Nation’s capital currently. The name of the movie is … uh I can’t remember. Here is a link about the filming they are doing.

Anyway, I was sitting there talking with Stef and all of a sudden Tori Spelling came out literally swinging her hips left to right. Weird on it’s own I might add. Then a 3-4 year old Chevy van showed up with about 3 people in it. Just like in a movie the most gay assistant hopped out to greet Tori. (think Nathan Lane in The Birdcage sort of flaming guy.) Anyway she got in and sped off to the shooting location which was a couple of streets away. I laughed out loud. Mostly I was thinking here is this girl who used to be sort of a star and is now doing (no offense to Canada which I love) a CTV movie. On top of that she:

  • Had no groupies waiting outside her trailer (I know it is hot out but true fans wouldn’t care)
  • I didn’t say anything to her (although I wanted to stare!) despite her celebrity.
  • She is driving a piece of junk car between her trailer (which I forgot to mention wasn’t that great) and the set. Come on …. I would at least get a new Chevy van. Her agent needs to figure out the riders better for her gigs.
  • Nuff said. ;-)

    So … one last thing. I am typing this post on my new laptop! Definitely very fun to be mobile in the house. The G speed of the network is very fast and makes a big difference. So far the boys haven’t been shown the new toy and we plan to keep it that way. I am sure at one point they will notice the cool glowing object that we are scrambling to hide. The important thing is to ensure that they don’t have sticky hands or liquid while they look at it. (I give the laptop 3 months … just kidding.)

    Anyway better go to bed. I am bagged from running today in this crazy heat that Ottawa seems to be perpetually in this summer.