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Diner Mania

Because Barbie and I are currently both addicted to a new game I thought I would pass on the details on where to find it. Last week I was reading in the National Post about a new game that the writer was losing countless hours playing. Intrigued I went to the site and downloaded it. Well … dangit it is very addicting and fun!

The name of the game is Diner Dash and it is soooo fun!

Check it out … we spent the money to pay for it to get unlimited play and it’s well worth the money.

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Weekend Update

Just a quick update on our last weekend before work starts. We didn’t do too much … pretty much just hung around the house and did some last-minute chores. Connor seems to be a little bit under the weather it seems as he has been really tired in the morning and cranky in the afternoon. As a sign of that he broke down crying yesterday after his tower of blocks fell to the ground … he didn’t stop crying for over 5 minutes. That is definitely not like him.

Yesterday also brought some new toys to the family. You know stuff we don’t need at all. Like a laptop! Yes I finally broke down and bought one as the deal at FutureShlop was too good of a deal. It is a Toshiba MX40 laptop. Celeron M processor (cousin of the Centrino M processor) @ 1.5GHz. It was down to $899 which is an amazing deal. The 1.5 Celeron M is about equivalent to approx 2.8 Ghz P4 processor so it really smokes. (might be higher actually) Barbie was tired of me always wanting one and this deal was too good to pass on. The only unfortunate thing is that they ran out of them in Ottawa (every store was sold out) so it is coming by mail next week. I can’t wait!!! Soon I can be somewhere else in the house typing in messages!! :-)

Anyway … totally dreading going back to work tomorrow. It’s inevitable. Maybe one day my lottery ship will come in!! That would be nice.

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Holiday Fun in Ottawa

We have been having great fun this week as our two week holiday continues!

Yesterday we went to the Aviation Museum where we dodged some rain here and there but managed some fun outside on the play structures. The boys themselves aren’t too interested in the airplanes here but it provides myself with some fun as I love looking at some flying history. I was a bit surprised at the juggling of the exhibits in the museum as they have moved the helicopters from the front to the back. While no big deal when I went to go see the newly moved helicopters the whole back part of the museum is being re-worked for a new display. The weird part is that they took down the elevated nose section of the Avro Arrow (the only one that exists I believe)! Hopefully they will put it back up in a prominent display once again where it deservedly should be … Silly Diefenbaker …. *sigh* Oh yah … they do have a new helicopter that was recently just decommissioned from the Air Force … a Labrador helicopter which is kind of cool in the sense that it was an ancient relic of Canada’s previous military might but yet was just retired from active service. Boy do we need some serious new hardware!

Connor in a Helicopter
Connor in a Helicopter!

Play Structure Lookouts
Looking out for Sky Pirates!

Fly Parachute Guy ... Fly!!
I loved these things when I was little too! Go plastic parachute guy Go!!

Today we went to Lac Philippe for some beach action! The lake was really nice and warm with not too many people but I am sure that will change this weekend given that it is a long weekend. We are planning on trying to go back on Monday as it isn’t a holiday in the La Belle Province. Carter and Connor had some great fun in the lake making sand castles and chasing seagulls. (Carter was obsessed with running after the birds!)

Lake Shot
Looking out at Lake Philippe

Lake Shot
Blanket Action!

Lake Shot
A covered bridge seen when entering the park.

We then went to an ice cream store in Old Chelsea as a treat. Connor had great fun … Carter did eventually wake up to get some chocolate into his system. We seem to continually keep interrupting his sleep schedule during our holiday. Oh well …. we will learn eventually!

Lake Shot
Connor holding up an ice cream sign in Old Chelsea.

Lake Shot
Carter missing out on the money food!!

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Pictures from Newfoundland

I am trying to figure out a gallery add-on for the blog but have yet to figure out the thumbnails and better presentation! In the meantime, here is a complete dump of the pictures we took while in Newfoundland. There are no captions (I haven’t figured that out yet either) but at least you get a sense of what we did while on our trip!

Newfoundland Gallery

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Sleepy Heads

Well since we have been back the boys seem to be on schedule for sleeping. In Newfoundland they were going to bed really late (like quarter to 11 late for Carter) and then getting up at 5:30 in the morning! Crazy stuff but I think they were really excited being on their trip to the Rock.

Now that we are back home they have both gone to bed at regular times (around 8:30) for the last two days which has caused us to actually have time together! Wow how novel!

Of course as I write this Connor has just got up from his bed and scared the living daylights out of me! (He is really quiet.) :-) I think he misses his Mom tonight as she is out at another class for her Creative Memories consulting. Hopefully he will stay asleep for the night.

Better get to bed.