Jul 11, 2005 - The Boys    Comments Off

Almost feeling better

Well, the boys have seemed to have gotten past the little sickness they had on the weekend. Carter was up to his usual tricks yesterday and this morning. Making faces at you when you ask him to stop doing something or better yet throwing cars over the railings to the floor below! (his new favourite past time).

Oh by the way … Carter has become addicted to baseball on the X-ke-Box (as Connor calls it). He constantly wants to go downstairs and watch Daddy play (not that I don’t mind) but we want him to become a major league baseball player not a couch potato. Needless to say he gets upset when we say no!!

So Barbie is the last person that needs to get over this cold! She is hacking up a lung and generally feels cold today so she is not in work today. Hopefully she will feel better before we leave for Newfoundland.

Jul 9, 2005 - The Boys    Comments Off

Sick Little Dudes

The boys are not feeling that well today. I actually took Friday off sick as I was really dizzy for some reason. Barbie went to work at 8:30 and I woke up around 12:45 only after someone called the house! I was really zonked out!

Anyway, the boys woke up today with super high fevers and we have been battling it all day. Carter threw up this morning and Connor this afternoon (after a close call at the pet store!).

Poor Carter didn’t even make it to bed … he literally fell asleep on the stairs!
Comfy Carpet!
Amazing huh?

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Welcome to the new Colvin.ca!

Well we hope we have found the solution to using our web space. I have taken us down the path of blogging and I think this may just be what we are looking for in terms of telling the family what we are up to!

I installed the WordPress blog software on the web server and within 5 minutes it was setup. It was really easy and sure enough works! Of course (as Barbie can attest) I wanted more and as such it took me over a week to like a theme!

Anyway, I will be broadcasting this to everybody to have a look so if you are interested let me know and I will make you an author! I will only allow comments from registered users in order to prevent comment spam.