Coldplay update

Ok, not the band! (As much as I love their music.)

We haven’t been hibernating here in Colvin-land. Not in the least. Hockey has been in full swing since September and with the outdoor rink being up since late December, we seem to never have any downtime. That’s ok I guess but sometimes I think I need a vacation. Giving the kids heck for the silliest things (like kids being kids ….) is a sure sign that a warm vacation should be ordered. But of course that isn’t in our future at this point. I will wait until my work life is figured out in the next two months.

Speaking of which, I have to announce that my divorce with my wife is now final.

Ok now that I got your attention …. I am talking about my business-divorce. Yes, that’s correct. After all these years, Barbie is now physically moved away from me into another lab on the campus. I won’t be able to visit her or anything until they settle every aspect of our company’s insolvency. Then perhaps, I will be able to get a visitor badge to a building I used to have free-reign. Oh well. Hopefully all of this is for the best but it is sad to see the company completely dissolve away. It’s not very fun to see a beautiful building reduced to faded outlines of pictures/paintings on the walls after they have been taken down so that they can pay more of the creditors. :-(

But I digress.

Yesterday was another busy day. We had hockey for two of the munchkins (C1 and C2) and then went outside as it was gorgeous out.

Here are some pictures from the phone.

Today we went to Winterlude and more specifically Jacques Cartier Park. Here is Carter munching down on his first ever Beavertail (After tons of complaining I might add … typical Carter.)

The boys had tons of fun on the ice slides as well. (and me as well!!)

Of course the snow sculptures were awesome as usual!!

Gotta run but expect more.

Happy Family Day (where applicable!)

– Scott

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Getting closer to the big guy arriving

Well it’s about that time where the Santa guy will be showing up. The boys needless to say are excited but they ate just as pumped to see Uncle Craig!! Carter keeps chatting about Sunday especially since Craig will be coming in time to see him play hockey on Sunday. Connor today kept talking about Xmas so the big day is sufficiently in everyones mind!

Carson doesn’t know what’s happening but that is ok. More cookies for him to eat.

We put up our tree on the weekend and the boys enjoyed that. There were only 5 broken ornaments which must be a record for us. Also the snow is coming down in buckets over the last few days so it’s really quite nice out. You people in your sunny climates can have that weather if you ask me. I need the change in seasons.

I am at Connors guitar lessons eight now and then immediately to the rink for a hockey practice. Such is our life but I am sure I will be bored in ten years when the boys get older.

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Another attempt

Hi. Well why not? I seem to write inane Facebook posts so I would rather do something more useful then that. I was looking at some old posts and it was nice to read how the kids were progressing etc. So here is my next attempt. Maybe I will link in my facebook posts somehow. I am sure there is a wordpress plugin for that.

Ok so what is new? Well the boys are non-stop hockey at least 4 days of the week so it’s pretty busy. Carson has started skating lessons and he enjoys that although it’s a great workout for me as I am holding him up a lot. But he now stands by himself. I find it surprising given how good of an athlete he is. He can hit a pitched baseball 70% of the time but hasn’t figured out skating yet. Oh well that will come.

Carter is quite the little player. He is fun to watch play as he is a puck hound. Always looking for the puck. I am at the rink now. I will add a picture at the end of this post.

What else? Well work is work. I would give personal opinions about the state of the company but why should I when they still pay the mortgage? :-) Barbie has gone to work fir Ericsson which is nice as I don’t have to worry about the end game.

Here us an iPhone picture. Not sure of the quality but we will see hoe it works. I am writing this on my iPhone and probably will all the time as it’s easier for me. Oh …. I will also be getting a new one as this one doesn’t vibrate anymore!

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Carter and the tooth

Carter had a big day yesterday. He lost his very first tooth albeit in a typical Carter approach to things (i.e the hardest possible way).

If you don’t remember, Carter got hit by a stick over a year ago by a neighbours kid playing street hockey. The tooth has been pretty grey in colour since then and we were quite worried that he might have damaged his adult teeth.

Well last weekend we noticed that the adult tooth had broken through the upper gums. We decided to go see the dentist to make sure that all was well. After a quick checkup, it was decided to rip the tooth out. Carter endured two needles and was a total trooper through it all. He was very proud of himself for sure to be such a big boy now.

In typical Carter fashion though, he got us ‘back’ by waking up at 6am to tell us that the tooth fairy did indeed show up!! Thanks ……. We guessed she would. What is the going rate you ask? 5 bucks. Not bad huh?

Here are some pics taken at the dentists office. You can see the gauze in his mouth.

Take care!!

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A reminder to Scott/Barbie when the days seem bad

Hi everyone.

This post is as much a reminder to me, as well as everyone else, that the outcomes of the small battles aren’t necessarily how the war will end.

In this case, I will always remember this email sent to us from a parent yesterday out of the blue regarding Carter.  Carter and the boys can be a handful most days but in the end all that matters is how they end up as adults.

Needless to say I am very proud of all my boys!

Hi Barbie,

I just had to write you to tell you how kind and friendly Carter was to Ross today at Sports Camp.

Ross had an appointment this morning so I didn’t bring him to camp until about 1:30. We walked into the Nepean Highschool big gym and Ross was a little nervous because he was late and everyone was already there sitting around a circle making flags for forts they had built. And Sophia the counsellor said “Hi Ross!” And then Carter turned around and smiled so nicely and said “Hi Ross! ┬áCome sit here – do you want to join our fort?”

He was so sweet. What a kind child Carter is – and so smart to know just what to say to make another child feel welcome and comfortable.

I was so happy to see Ross going off to the fort with Carter because of how Carter treated him and what he said to him. It was precious. You have a lovely boy!