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Friday Night Pizza

Sort of a tradition with the kids, I thought I would go for a good pizza on Friday. I was recommended a place called Birkastans in the Vasastan part of Stockholm. One of the guys (Vikas) said he always brought visitors there whenever they were in town. Sounds good to me. I was warned that the place is small and busy but more importantly, the pizza size was insanely large. Sounds like a challenge.

I didn’t leave until 6:30 or so as I am finding I am putting in 10-11 hours a day at work to try to finish things off before I leave. Anyway, Google Maps app saved time and everything as it easily routed me to the location using voice prompts and is tied in to the sl.se traffic database for accurate train transfers etc. Amazing app.

This part of Stockholm I hadn’t been to and I think I will go there today. It had some really cool shops and a definite neat vibe to it. The apartment buildings are very cool and reminded me of parts of Paris with the grand boulevards and buildings encompassing the street.

I ordered some sort of pizza as it was busy and I felt the pressure of ordering as the guy was super busy with the phone ringing all the time. I added an Abro beer (a Swedish staple) and waited. The pizza finally came in the packed room and I dug in. I laughed at how large the pizza was as it was a good two inches bigger then the plate underneath it. I was texting with my Dad while I ate. The challenge of saving some for tomorrow was dismissed as I blasted through the pizza and finished it. Yummy!! (it was a thin crust Italian style pizza).20121215-104412.jpg

I then walked around the area to remove the gluttony I just abused myself with and took some cool pictures.

With that, I bumped in to an outdoor rink and some kids were playing bandy on the ice. I Skyped my parents for a bit and then the phone was acting up due to a low battery and cold weather.

Anyway, time to go on this Saturday. The plan is to do some shopping at the Saluhallen in the Ostermalm area of Stockholm and then just wander around aimlessly as I usually do. I am not sure if I will do anymore day trips but will do some reading today about some things I might be missing. (For example, I still haven’t gone to the Vasa museum.)

Ta ta!