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Coldplay update

Ok, not the band! (As much as I love their music.)

We haven’t been hibernating here in Colvin-land. Not in the least. Hockey has been in full swing since September and with the outdoor rink being up since late December, we seem to never have any downtime. That’s ok I guess but sometimes I think I need a vacation. Giving the kids heck for the silliest things (like kids being kids ….) is a sure sign that a warm vacation should be ordered. But of course that isn’t in our future at this point. I will wait until my work life is figured out in the next two months.

Speaking of which, I have to announce that my divorce with my wife is now final.

Ok now that I got your attention …. I am talking about my business-divorce. Yes, that’s correct. After all these years, Barbie is now physically moved away from me into another lab on the campus. I won’t be able to visit her or anything until they settle every aspect of our company’s insolvency. Then perhaps, I will be able to get a visitor badge to a building I used to have free-reign. Oh well. Hopefully all of this is for the best but it is sad to see the company completely dissolve away. It’s not very fun to see a beautiful building reduced to faded outlines of pictures/paintings on the walls after they have been taken down so that they can pay more of the creditors. :-(

But I digress.

Yesterday was another busy day. We had hockey for two of the munchkins (C1 and C2) and then went outside as it was gorgeous out.

Here are some pictures from the phone.

Today we went to Winterlude and more specifically Jacques Cartier Park. Here is Carter munching down on his first ever Beavertail (After tons of complaining I might add … typical Carter.)

The boys had tons of fun on the ice slides as well. (and me as well!!)

Of course the snow sculptures were awesome as usual!!

Gotta run but expect more.

Happy Family Day (where applicable!)

– Scott

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A reminder to Scott/Barbie when the days seem bad

Hi everyone.

This post is as much a reminder to me, as well as everyone else, that the outcomes of the small battles aren’t necessarily how the war will end.

In this case, I will always remember this email sent to us from a parent yesterday out of the blue regarding Carter.  Carter and the boys can be a handful most days but in the end all that matters is how they end up as adults.

Needless to say I am very proud of all my boys!

Hi Barbie,

I just had to write you to tell you how kind and friendly Carter was to Ross today at Sports Camp.

Ross had an appointment this morning so I didn’t bring him to camp until about 1:30. We walked into the Nepean Highschool big gym and Ross was a little nervous because he was late and everyone was already there sitting around a circle making flags for forts they had built. And Sophia the counsellor said “Hi Ross!” And then Carter turned around and smiled so nicely and said “Hi Ross!  Come sit here – do you want to join our fort?”

He was so sweet. What a kind child Carter is – and so smart to know just what to say to make another child feel welcome and comfortable.

I was so happy to see Ross going off to the fort with Carter because of how Carter treated him and what he said to him. It was precious. You have a lovely boy!


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I am back

Hi everyone.

Life is pretty hectic around here and if there are any loyal readers left I am turning over a new leaf. It’s pretty amazing to see how fast life is flying by but it is also pretty scary at the same time.

Looking into Carson’s ‘big boy’ bed at times and seeing this monster-sized 2 year old boy sleeping is really freaky. It only seems like yesterday I was pulling him out of his crib and now he seems to take the entire space up as he is so big. Now mind you he is really big for his age so it’s a little bit more prevalent then most kids his age.

Carson is quite the character since I last posted here. He is an amazing athlete and can do most things. The biggest thing to announce is that he has decided to conquer another sport …. biking!!! Yes that’s right. He is basically caught up to Carter’s level of biking already despite the three years difference. (ok, a caveat here. Carter simply has had no interest in biking until about 2 months ago.)

Here is a video of Mini Lance.

So how are the other boys doing? Mostly good except when Carter decides to make his ‘farting’ noise at school during French classes. :-) Sigh. I will give him this much, he is good at it. He pulled me aside the other day to demonstrate his new ability to make ‘farting’ noises using his knees. Again, quite a skill that he has picked up but it has gotten him into lots of trouble as he is doing it at inopportune times. (And believe it or not, I didn’t teach it to him!)

Connor is becoming a big-boy now as well. He seems to be constantly combing his hair and bristles at the thought that maybe it is so wild because he never gets it cut in time!! He has been busy 3 times a week with Baseball and soccer which both started to collide this week as soccer finally began for him. Connor’s baseball team is doing ok this year (I am a coach again) and he seems to enjoy both sports. Soccer this year has goalies and of course that’s what he wants to play but so does all of the other kids. It wasn’t fun dragging him out of the goal mouth on Tuesday let me tell you.

Anyway, I should go. I promise to keep updating the web site so please come back.


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Boy Talk

First off let me say Happy Birthday to my Big Bro Craig. I won’t say how old he is but let’s just say he is over 20.

Hope you had an awesome day! (Cheque is in the mail.)

I just wanted to send out a quick post about the boys. All is well except for Carson being bitten in the eye this week. Yes the eye!! Can you believe that? He apparently wouldn’t give up a toy at daycare and when he walked away the other child went to get the toy. Carson went in to the turtle position (a Colvin tradition honed by years of running away from a fight.) and the kid bit him on the eye. It was a nasty bite. I am talking about 1/4 of his eye circumference was red/black. Nasty!! Nasty! I will try and get a picture of it for the police forensic files. ;-)

Hockey is quite the king here in Colvin-land. Here are some shots of Carson now getting in the action (he is mis-labelled as he is using Carter’s old helmet). What a bunch of dudes!

This is a shot of Connor putting on one of the neighbour’s pads. He really enjoys playing goalie for sure.

King Connor in net! Hamming it up for the camera.

Carter loves hockey. This is a really nice shot of him passing it out front.

Carson is amazing looking even with the hockey mark on his nose. (he fell down the stairs at the hockey rink on Mom’s watch I might add!!) ;-)

Ok, so I come upstairs looking for Carson and I find him up in the boy’s bedroom with the santa hat on. He is of course armed with a bat of some type. He is so dang cute!!

Better run. I will send out a separate email to family for more picassa pictures.