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I am back

Hi everyone.

Life is pretty hectic around here and if there are any loyal readers left I am turning over a new leaf. It’s pretty amazing to see how fast life is flying by but it is also pretty scary at the same time.

Looking into Carson’s ‘big boy’ bed at times and seeing this monster-sized 2 year old boy sleeping is really freaky. It only seems like yesterday I was pulling him out of his crib and now he seems to take the entire space up as he is so big. Now mind you he is really big for his age so it’s a little bit more prevalent then most kids his age.

Carson is quite the character since I last posted here. He is an amazing athlete and can do most things. The biggest thing to announce is that he has decided to conquer another sport …. biking!!! Yes that’s right. He is basically caught up to Carter’s level of biking already despite the three years difference. (ok, a caveat here. Carter simply has had no interest in biking until about 2 months ago.)

Here is a video of Mini Lance.

So how are the other boys doing? Mostly good except when Carter decides to make his ‘farting’ noise at school during French classes. :-) Sigh. I will give him this much, he is good at it. He pulled me aside the other day to demonstrate his new ability to make ‘farting’ noises using his knees. Again, quite a skill that he has picked up but it has gotten him into lots of trouble as he is doing it at inopportune times. (And believe it or not, I didn’t teach it to him!)

Connor is becoming a big-boy now as well. He seems to be constantly combing his hair and bristles at the thought that maybe it is so wild because he never gets it cut in time!! He has been busy 3 times a week with Baseball and soccer which both started to collide this week as soccer finally began for him. Connor’s baseball team is doing ok this year (I am a coach again) and he seems to enjoy both sports. Soccer this year has goalies and of course that’s what he wants to play but so does all of the other kids. It wasn’t fun dragging him out of the goal mouth on Tuesday let me tell you.

Anyway, I should go. I promise to keep updating the web site so please come back.


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