Jun 29, 2009 - Miscellaneous    No Comments

Meatball monster

Carson is quite the little dude sometimes. Today for example Connor turned his back to grab his drink for a minute or so and then noticed that his meatballs were missing. He checked under the table but they completely gone! He then asked if anyone took his meatballs and of course everyone that talks clearly said no. Hmm that leaves one small child that speaks imperfect English. ;-) We look at Carson and his cheeks are stuffed full of meatballs!!! Meatball thief. “Carson, did you eat the meatballs?”


Too cute!!

Other news is that Carter and Connor started camp at Dovercourt today with the only casualty being Carter. I picked him up and he promptly went to sleep on the couch. Poor little dude.

Anyway, a quick picture of Carson on the chair with me as I pound out this post on my iPhone!

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