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Carter wanted some of Connor’s Orange Crush today. Connor said he couldn’t as he wasn’t old enough.

We all asked how he knew that (thinking from a health perspective).

Connor replied. I saw a sign for soda pop that said it was 7-Up!


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Carson the baseball player

Carson is really enjoying baseball lately on the street. He caught the bug I think from watching Connor’s baseball games a couple of weekends ago. (More on that later.)

Watch him pretend to hit the ball and then run every which he can after the ‘hit’. Too funny. The big swollen eye he had last week was because he got stung by a bug of some type. His eye was almost swollen shut one day.




Connor had his championship baseball game last weekend and they placed second overall. They lost in extra innings in a super fun game. My pitching stayed true as I was the pitcher …. I didn’t have many strikeouts which was nice. Connor is probably going to play summer baseball as well. He is excited about playing and we have been outside every day that we can throwing the ball around. (amongst the non-stop rain that we have received this summer.)

Here is a picture of the championship team at the end of the game and then a shot of Connor at the plate.

If you would like to see more pictures then check out my album from the game.

Gotta run. Talk to you soon.

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Baseball Season is upon us

Here are some pictures from Connor’s escapades in Rookie baseball. Despite some strikeouts from Dad (it’s coach pitch), Connor has been doing great this season. It’s a bit frustrating striking him out but it’s all part of the learning process I guess.

Here is a shot of Connor digging up a ball down the third base line. An awesome play!

Connor is a monster in any sport. Here is a shot of him on third base waiting for the next hitter to get him home. (which he did score by the way.)

Connor, Carson and Mommy also went for a walk out in the woods the other day. They went along the paths at work and took in the sights. (Carter and I stayed at home for reasons only Carter will know … Carter being Carter.)

Here is a picture of Connor taking pictures. He really likes taking pictures with the camera which has been fun for us to see how his skills have gotten better and better.

Carson of course isn’t very far behind in the action.

Grammy and Grampy have been helping out quite a bit during our mad stretch of athletics with the boys. (Soccer 2 times a week, baseball two times a week, t-ball two times a week). Of course it can be quite tiring even for super-Grammy!! ;-)

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Still Around

We have been super busy lately with T-Ball and Baseball starting for both Carter and Connor.

Carter of course is a handful as usual and pushes my buttons more often then not. But again, he is only 4 years old and I sometimes forget that. And as Uncle Craig can attest being a middle child has it’s own problems. (ha)

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. The Tulip Festival has been going on for the last couple of weekends and we got some cool pictures from that event. Carson and the boys of course are being super cute lately and playing together as best buddies.


Carson chatting away near the back deck. Did I mention he chats a lot now a days? And VERY loudly!

Here is a contrived shot at the tulip festival. It was pretty warm that day albeit cooler then the 28 degrees we had the day before. Still lots of fun in the sun.



 Carson of course likes the photo opportunities as much as the next guy. He was very proud about petting the tulips.

The older boys were rewarded with Sponge Bob ice cream for being fairly good boys during this grueling outing. (yah right)

As mentioned before, Carter started his T-Ball sans Connor (which was stressful) but got into it. He likes putting on a show and acting like a real baseball player is part of his act. Check out this stance! You wouldn’t know it’s a t-ball game where the score is always tied!!

Carter running to first base. He sure loves his sports when he puts his mind to it!

The coach had him practicing lots of things, including fielding. Way to go superstar Carter!

And one last obligatory shot of Carson. He is really growing up fast and loves the small yogourts just like his big brothers. No wonder my grocery bills are through the roof!


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Crazy Times

Wow. Life is going really fast lately. We have been super busy with hockey ending and school still trudging along so I have been ignoring this site. Sorry about that.

Where do I start? Carson is a monster baseball player and is about 6 ft 5 inches tall now and Connor and Carter seem to be never around. Oh ok. I exaggerate. Since the weather has changed over the last week we are rarely inside. The boys are playing outside all the time led by Carson wanting to get out as soon as supper is done. He is hilarious. Lately he has shown great interest in playing baseball so I have been pitching to him if you can believe it. The wildest part is that he swings and hits the ball every once in a while. Amazing coordination that boy has.
Carson swinging away

Carson swinging away

Carter and Connor have been zooming around on their scooters and bicycles on the street. It’s been a lot of fun and Connor is the proud recipient of a new bike as his old one was too small and “too slow”.  I bought him an early birthday present with a new “gear bike” as he calls it. We bought it at the local bike shop on Richmond Rd so that made me feel better that I was supporting the smaller shops. A pretty fancy bike as you can see.

Connor on his fancy bike

The boys have been playing a lot together. The backyard is clear of snow finally so they have been breaking out the golf clubs and anything else sports related. Carson also LOVES to go up the tree house now (he is very proud of himself) and then slide down. Lots of fun. The big boys are proud of him as well.

Playing together for once

Here is a picture of him climbing up as you can see. He then stands up and says “Ya!”.
Playing together for once

It has been amazing weather here for the last week. Frankly we deserve it after this winter. Temperatures have been in the mid-20′s centigrade all this time. Awesome stuff. Playing sports can be quite hot and tiring as you can see by Connor’s face.
Playing together for once

A big accomplishment has been getting Carson to wear a hat. The blue hat has apparently been accepted by him and he wears it without pulling it off too often. The older boys were another story at this age let me tell you.
Playing together for once

One of my birthday presents this year was from my Mom and Dad. They gave me a new zoom lens for the camera and let me tell you. We have been taking some amazing pictures with it. Here is another picture of Carson from far back. What a cutey. (my favourite phrase I know)
Playing together for once

So last thing to chat about. Carson is now quite the climber. Most of the time he is quite safely puttering around the house looking for trouble. His latest thing though is to climb up on the tables in the house. It isn’t that rare anymore to wonder where he is only to find him on top of the kitchen table playing or looking at something. Here you can see he was playing with the puzzles that his Uncle Tony and Aunt Bev made for the boys.
Playing together for once
Playing together for once

Anyway, I have to go to our taxes or else. I am sure we don’t owe money but rumour has it I better find out before the end of this month. Yah, yah. I know. 3 kids = no time.