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Happy Easter!

Hi everyone. We had a great Easter weekend with both of us taking Friday and Monday off (Barbie worked the morning on Monday however). We spent Monday afternoon at the museum  which was fun as we hadn’t been there in a long time. Carson had a blast at the museum as in fact it was the first time him being there since being mobile. Big moment!!

Here is a picture from Easter Sunday when the boys went to look for easter eggs and chocolate. They did pretty good considering I did my best to hide them. Carter was trying to understand how the chocolate eggs got on top of the light fixture and Connor quickly told him that bunny rabbit’s jump … duh! You can see Carson getting right into it as well. He went everywhere the boys went of course.

Carter’s easter haul!

Shot of the boys with their Easter loot.

Mommy needed to do a paternity check so in this family that requires a check on whether the person in question likes chocolate. Carson passed with flying colours.

Suddenly a hockey game broke out. Carson looks on with his Canada jersey while Carter makes a save.

And … Grammy and Grampy’s Easter package arrived on Monday so Mom you can tell the post office worked when it arrived. They loved the wind-up easter rabbits (Especially during dinner … thanks!! [just joking]) and the new Scaredy Squirrel book is a hit!!

So after all this Easter crazyness, Connor decided to make some easter eggs on Monday night. Why stop the creativity?

Carter quickly joined in of course to ensure a complete mess is made.


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Happy Birthday Barbie!!

Happy Birthday Barbie!!!!

I hope you had a good day. It started pretty rough I know. Getting up every two hours or so to deal with Carter sucks but that is what we signed up for. :-) Three kids!! What were we thinking.

Anyway, we got an awesome picture of the boys with you on your big day. That makes it worthwhile doesn’t it?

Birthday Girl with the Boys!


And notice I didn’t verbally say how old you are? I will let the picture do the talking. ;-)


Quick update on everyone else.

Connor won the coveted hard hat from his hockey team (stolen from the Flames in the NHL). He had an awesome game and was easily the winner of the hard hat after the game. You can really tell he was truly proud of himself. Notice how he signed his name in red on the helmet. “#94 Connor”. Very cool.

Best Passer Hard Hat!!

How is Carson? Ah, damn cute. Nothing else to add.

Carson having fun

Oh wait, he isn’t cute when he throws things. Look at the face he is giving me. And yes, I am saying “Carson, don’t throw please. Don’t throw.” He continues with the look and then proceeds to throw whatever he has in his hand. In this case Connor’s Webkinz.

Carson having fun

Today he started to wear Carter’s Spiderman shoes. Obviously too big but he didn’t care. He stomped around the kitchen and the lower floors as it made a cool slapping noise. Carson rocks. He is quite the character!

Carson filling the big shoes

Carson filling the big shoes

Better go to bed … cya!

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Snow Fun!!

Ok I admit that the 56cm’s of snow in about 36 hours is crazy but it was cool to be in a storm again. Brings me back to when Winter was truly Winter; not like these wimpy winters that have been here since I moved to Ottawa.

Anyway, I am working as I write this so my writing is at a minimum unfortunately. I will let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part.

The boys out playing during the snow storm. Remember that we got 30 cms a few days earlier on Wednesday.

After the 56cm’s, here is the view (or lack of) from our guest bedroom. You will see later that the snow drift now connects to the roof of the house.

Connor jumping off the top of the hill by the driveway. The hill gets higher as you will see after my herculean shoveling effort. :-)

Shot of the neighbours car under the snow. Very cool picture as it looks like a clay model of a car that designers use.

Yes that is the boys at the top of the snow drifts!! Wild huh?

Carter dwarfed by the drifts!

Barbie and Carter in front of the same drift; You can see a slide mark from where the boys were jumping down from.

Shot across the street.

This is a picture taken close to dusk. Connor is peeking out from the top of the snow drift. You can see it’s way higher then the top of the van.

Another shot from across the street. Notice how the tree is completely covered.

Ok. Bad parent shot? I dunno. I had fun. Again at dusk, the boys and I donned the helmets and went down the snow drifts on to the road! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!1

Night shot looking down the street from on top of Mount 561 Cole!

Looking North from Mount 561 Cole.


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Ok, why do I entitle this post Fashion?? Well it was kind of funny actually. Barbie and I were watching the Academy Awards last week and more specifically the red carpet arrival shows. Connor came from upstairs with Carter and started razzing us saying (in a singing voice), “You are watching fashion … na na na na na”) It was hilarious! He thought it was quite girlish that I was sitting watching this show. Anyway, almost every day I bug him and say “Fashion!” when he is watching something girlish on the tv or whatever. Good stuff!

Ok so how is the tooth-less one? Well he lost both front teeth now!! Yup. He is raking in the money from the tooth fairy (2 bucks a tooth!!). The last front tooth really took forever to come out but it finally did much to our relief as Connor was definitely getting cranky about it as he couldn’t eat most things. The next night a lower tooth came out as well. Here are some pictures I took tonight of his missing teeth.

Connor with no front teeth 

No teeth Ma!

Carter is not feeling well lately. He has been battling quite the cold. Last night he was his usual cranky self about eating and the next thing we know he is asleep at the table. Honest!! Check out the picture below

Carter sleeping at the switch

Today was not much better. He was running a huge fever and we picked him up from school early. Of course he insisted that he should go to his swimming lesson which I relented. (only because I know he truly loves it). He made it through the lesson for about a half-hour and then he started shaking uncontrollably as he was really chilled. I finally got him and the wife to bed (she is sick as well today) early and hopefully a day of rest tomorrow will get him fixed up.

Last week he was feeling a lot better. Here is a picture of him with cookie dough on his hands!! He loves eating raw dough that is for sure.

Cookie Dough

A quick update on Carson. He is also battling a cold. The last two days he has woken up in the morning with his eyes completely glued shut. It is kind of disturbing in some ways. He is looking around trying to see where he is and he can’t so he gets really upset. (wouldn’t you??) The only way to describe it is the old cartoon depiction of a person who is ‘dead’ with the x’s on his eyes. <shudder>

Anyway, he is certainly a busy body. His favourite thing to do lately is plunk himself down in the middle of the littel race track he was given. Kind of funny how he wedges himself into it. So cute.

Carson in the middle of things ... literally

What a funny guy!

In the middle of it again!

Finally here is a shot of Connor about to go to hockey on the weekend. He had three games on Saturday in a tournament. He scored 5 goals in the first game so he had quite the day.

Connor prepping for hockey

One last thing. I am getting a little annoyed with Winter now. They are forecasting another storm tonight/tomorrow with about 20-25 cm’s of snow on it’s way. Sigh .. there is no more room to put it anywhere!!


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Connor Loses It!

Yup. Connor lost his front tooth that has been dangling for a number of weeks if not a month. It happened yesterday after getting back from skiing. He was pretty excited that it happened and the Tooth Fairy showed up with $2!! What a deal!


The other teeth will soon follow. The other front tooth is hanging by a thread as well so it will be mere days I figure before it too falls out. Connor tends to make about $6-$10 over the next 4 weeks I figure. Not bad work if you can get it.

How are the other boys doing? Hmm, Carson now takes bona-fide fits when he doesn’t get his way. Now to be fair they are fairly quiet protests that involve him putting his hands on his head (like when one has a headache) and then dropping to the floor very slowly and then looking up at you. Take a peek at one in action:

Burn Baby Burn!

But other than that he has been fantastic. He seems to be over the worst of his recent colds and literally is non-stop talking for most of the day. He says “Juice” (thanks to Grammy … pronounced ‘Juh’!), Connor (ka-ka), Pizza (what do you expect?? …. ‘pia’) and Ball of course (‘Ball’). He has quite the vocabulary.

We are under a whack of snow still in Ottawa. This year has been awesome for snow and just the other day we were out front having snowball fights. The boys like going on top of the snow mounds and the neighbours across the street is their favourite.

Snow Mound

We had some pretty warm weather today (freezing rain yesterday) but not much melted as the wind was pretty high. We dip back into the negative territory tonight with about 2-4 cms more of snow. Yay!

Carter had a bit of a meltdown while skiing yesterday at Vorlage. He didn’t listen to me and had a high-speed wipe-out (think the intro to Wide World of Sports .. yes I am old) and then proceeded to melt down on the hill. I only got in one run all day and that was to get him down to the lodge. One of those days I would rather forget frankly. Overall though they love skiing. :-)

Holy crap … it’s getting late. I need to end this silly Family Day (first one in Ontario … would rather have the day off at Xmas) and go to sleep.

Let’s end it with some campy shots of Carson. Cya later.


Yay I am Carson!